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October 2010

Understanding the “digital behaviour” of job seekers

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Help Wanted?

By guest contributor, Sydney Helland, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Career Edge Organization

In the breakout session “Talent Generation and Candidate Nurturing” held last month at the Human Resources Networking Group (HRNG) 2010 Recruitment Innovation Summit, speaker Steven Woods (CTO, Eloqua) presented the trending indicating that the traditional, pre-digital recruitment model has no doubt been overthrown by a modern, post-digital model that hinges on the online, social behaviour of job seekers.

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An open letter from the CEO – and a call to action for Canadian employers

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From Issue #12 of CareerBulletin‘s “A Letter from the President”


By Anne Lamont, President & CEO, Career Edge Organization 


“When in greeting, you touch my hand. What knuckled shutters open? What fear do you unlearn?”

These are the words of American artist and poet Laura Hershey, who has spinal muscular atrophy. They are part of a labour awareness campaign for National Disability Employment Awareness Month or “NDEAM 2010” which occurs annually in October, both in the US and Canada. As employers assess their current and future hiring needs, it is important to remember that “talent has no boundaries, and that workforce diversity includes people with disabilities”.

In Canada, over 15 per cent of the population has some form of disability. When we assess the impact more broadly to include family members, over 53% of the population are touched by disability as a result of having a family member with a disability.

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Happy Birthday, Blog! The “CEO Blog” turns 1 today

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Exactly one year ago our little organization had a big launch for our blog with its inaugural post, An Open Door Policy.

Since October 2009 Career Edge Organization’s official organizational blog has brought over 8,000 readers economic and employment news, updates, discussion, research and profiles in over 75 individual posts!

We’ve had over 14,000 pageviews and continue to build a loyal community of returning readers, primarily in Canada.

At Career Edge Organization, we’ll be celebrating with some delicious cake and a big thank you to everyone on our team who has contributed content or ideas for the blog. Most importantly, we would like to thank you, our loyal readers who have helped make our transition to the web 2.0 world a wonderful success.

Happy Birthday Blog!

October is “National Disability Employment Awareness Month”

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What exactly do we need to be “aware” of?

A large number of working age Canadians have some sort of disability – and the definition of “disability” in Canada is broad, including physical, non-physical, visible and non-visible disabilities of all kinds including diabetes, epilepsy, partial hearing loss, chronic pain, depression.

People with disabilities are far more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population because of the barriers they face – and most of the time, those barriers are not physical.

Barriers can be attitudinal, systemic, policy-driven or a result of unintentional discrimination. It’s a lot easier to address the barriers we can see or hear or touch. These other barriers, which many of us are not even aware of, can at times seem impenetrable to a job-seeker who happens to have a disability. Especially if that person is also a recent graduate with little real-world work experience. That’s why we created Ability Edge.

Early next week our quarterly newsletter, CareerBulletin will be sent electronically to over 20,000 of our stakeholders – employers, HR professionals, alumni, interns and partner organizations. In recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, disability and employment will be the theme of our upcoming issue. Features include:

  • An interview with Loblaw, one of Canada’s largest and best employers and a host to Career Edge, Ability Edge and Career Bridge interns.
  • A letter from the President & CEO of Career Edge Organization, Anne Lamont
  • An interview with Allyson Hewitt from SiG@MaRS about their recent partnership, EnAbling Change
  • Interviewing tips for BOTH employers and persons with disabilities
  • The “MythBusters” quiz – provided by Business Takes Action to test your knowledge of disability issues in Canada

CareerBulletin is an e-newsletter with career and employment-related insights from Career Edge Organization, gained from almost 15 years of experience working with Canadian employers and over 10,000 recent graduates, graduates with disabilities and internationally qualified professionals (educated and experienced immigrants in Canada). Our readers include HR professionals, hiring managers and Canada’s leading diversity and employment experts.

If you want to receive the newsletter, all you have to do is subscribe online, or just leave a comment below and let us know – we’ll add you!

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Download My Talent – Toronto Life Magazine profiles the city’s most innovative new talent

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Everyone knows that Career Edge Organization works with both Canadian and international corporate giants like Bell, RBC, GE, and the list goes on.

But our interns – including recent grads, grads with disabilities and experienced newcomers – have found homes in small organizations as well, many of them entrepreneurial start-ups in the IT sector.

Some of our smaller, less ubiquitous hosts recently popped up in an issue of Toronto Life. In a fascinating article called “Download My App” by Katrina Onstad (with photography by Daniel Ehrenworth), the magazine profiles some of the cutting-edge, high-tech innovation that has been brewing in the Canadian city.

The companies profiled, such as Extreme Venture Partners and Five Mobile, are for the most part young, diverse, hip and forward-thinking enterprises with fun workplace cultures that attract some of the world’s brightest talent, keeping them motivated to do what they do best – create.

In a nutshell, the article describes “how a bunch of young tech entrepreneurs have turned Toronto into the next Silicon Valley.”

Toronto is known to be one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world – people have brought ideas and perspectives from all over the world. This is the perfect mentality for “the wired generation,” whose world is not defined by physical space, let alone geographical borders.

A less expensive (albeit colder) living option than Silicon Valley, with free healthcare and, as the article points out, “excellent bars,” Toronto has quickly become a hotbed of talent.

It’s no surprise to us that Career Edge Organization host employers Bluecat Networks and Polar Mobile, both profiled in the article, also see the value of partnering with us for talent. These entrepreneurs represent a generation that knows “the right thing to do” also makes good business sense, and so partnering with a not-for-profit to bring in top quality talent like youth or internationally qualified professionals who face barriers to work in the Canadian job market – well it’s kind of a no-brainer.

Kudos to all the great companies mentioned in the article, to Canada for being awesome, and to Toronto Life for putting together such a cool article – we highly recommend you pick up a copy!

Counting our blessings: Career Edge Organization gives thanks to employers, partners, interns & alumni

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Around this time of year, all of us here at Career Edge Organization can’t help but think of all we have to be thankful for. What was initially a small private-sector solution to a big social problem nearly fifteen years ago has since grown into a thriving organization that employs a team of nearly 20 dedicated staff and has launched thousands of careers.

In September we celebrated our 10,000 interns milestone . Now in October, we have surpassed that number beyond our expectations. Today, we consider our 10,000 former interns part of our extended family, and hundreds of our Alumni are still keeping in touch with Career Edge Organization telling us where they have landed since we launched their careers and how much they want to give back.

Among this growing network of Alumni are our dedicated Alumni Network Committee members who met as recently as the beginning of this month to begin planning programs and events for the greater network.

And of course, there are the employers whose continuing support through times good and bad have made these celebrations possible.

So, wherever this long weekend takes you, whether or not you eat turkey, all of us at Career Edge Organization would like to say thanks for being there and thanks for reading our blog!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Social HR tips and best practices for employers

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Last month, I asked, “What’s next in social media recruiting?

To find out, a few weeks ago Career Edge Organization attended “Recruitment Innovation Summit” held by the Human Resources Networking Group (HRNG). In addition to participating as exhibitors to share our expertise on employability and diversity, we also had the opportunity to network with HR professionals including leaders and decision-makers from organizations we work with like RBC, Xerox, Rogers, CIBC, Sun Life and many others. Several of us attended including our VP, Donna Smith, the marketing team and members of our client relations team.

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