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September 2011

Toronto Board of Trade makes an interactive “splash” on the campaign trail with VoteOntario2011

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TBOT Splash pageIn February 2011 the Toronto Board of Trade launched its VoteOntario2011 campaign.

The microsite’s splash page is an interactive hub of campaign-related social activity, complete with a Nexalogy-powered lexical “heat” map, that shows the connections between twitter conversations and tells you what’s hot and what’s just…lukewarm in the 2011 Ontario elections.

In addition to staying on top of the campaign trailwhat twitter is saying and what the media is saying, TBOT’s VoteOntario2011 campaign has also tapped into the minds of its members and stakeholders, GTA thought leaders like Councillor Joe Mihevc, Carol Wilding and our very own President & CEO, Anne Lamont.

TBOT also looked to Career Edge Organization for an official response to its Challenge PaperShifting Into High GearClick here to see how Anne and other thought leaders responded.

Now, as we inch closer to election day, is the perfect time to get up to speed on the issues. Click here to read Anne Lamont’s post on the VoteOntario 2011 blogThree Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Hire New Graduates This Year.

Toronto’s lessons on immigration

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This past week, in an opinion editorial in the Toronto Star, John Tory and Julia Deans of CivicAction reminded us that the world has a lot to learn from Toronto when it comes to new and innovative ways to attract and integrate newcomers. Pointing out that “Canada has a productivity challenge” and that “the competition for talent is heating up,”  our Career Bridge paid internship program was cited by CivicAction and an international delegation as “a model for other cities.”

We are delighted to be recognized in this positive way, not only by CivicAction, but by readers of The Star as well.

Still, as Career Edge Organization’s President & CEO, Anne Lamont points out, looking to internationally qualified professionals is only part of the “creative solution” required. Here is Anne Lamont’s response to the article:

“Canada needs to attract, develop and retain a productive workforce – this means leveraging the skills, experience and potential of recent graduates and skilled immigrants to augment the talent pipeline for most companies.  Having these discussions at a time when there is significant economic turmoil creates a disconnect between what is in Toronto or in fact Canada’s long term economic and prosperity interest and the immediacy of employers’ actions of reducing the number of employees as a cost saving measure in response to the challenging business environment. The lost opportunities for recent graduates who have made an initial investment in their future through education and the underemployment of many skilled immigrants that we have attracted to our country are both a reputational and an economic risk. However, the reality is that while it is not business as usual, organizations still have hiring needs, which presents an opportunity for seeking out creative hiring solutions. As the head of an organization that has worked with employers who have faced this dilemma before, I know that access to talent through our paid internship programs for recent grad and skilled immigrants has been an effective option. “

Anne Lamont
President & CEO
Career Edge Organization

Career Edge Organization to lead panel at the 2011 Recruitment Innovation Summit, Oct 26 & 27

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Paula_CalderonRecognizing our expertise in the areas of employment and diversity, Career Edge Organization was invited by Richard Matthews and the organizers of the annual HRNG (Human Resources Networking Group) Recruitment Innovations Summit to assemble a panel of employers to talk about hiring diverse talent.

Our panel, “Global Markets, World-Class Talent: Building a Diverse Workforce,” will include representatives from RBC, St. Michale’s Hospital, the City of Toronto and George Kelk Corporation, and will be moderated by our own Paula Calderon.

This is a must-attend event for HR professionals and business decision-makers – we participated last year and were highly impressed with the level of professionalism and engagement of participants. To learn more about this event, or to register, I encourage you to visit the event website: http://www.hrng.ca/Conference2011/events.php

What makes an internship a success? 4 things employers should know

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Click here to go directly to the “4 Keys to a Successful Internship”

Internships seem to be a perennial “hot topic,” resurfacing every fall in conjunction with “back-to-school” time. Prompted by growing youth unemployment in Canada and increasing controversy about unpaid internships around the globe, the topic was featured on a recent episode of CBC Radio’s “The Sunday Edition” with Michael Enright.


Click here to listen to the program

Read More

Employing people with disabilities: “Leading with Action”

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As an active member of JOIN (Job Opportunity Information Network), a network of community agencies of the Greater Toronto Area assisting persons with disabilities in finding and maintaining employment, Career Edge Organization is working collaboratively with 25 member agencies to help connect employers with pre-screened, career-minded Canadian college and university graduates with self-declared disabilities. Our Ability Edge paid internships provides meaningful work experience for persons with disabilities while guiding employers through the recruiting, hiring and integrating process.

Ability Edge Program currently has over 600 active registrants in the areas of Business (29%)Arts/Humanities (35%), Information Technology (13%), Engineering (2%) and Health/Sciences (9%).

Career Edge Organization is one of the key sponsors of JOIN’s 8th Annual Employer Conference, “Leading with Action” taking place November 21-22, 2011. Please note that the “Early Bird Rate” (discount) for registration ends September 15th.

Highlights of JOIN’s 8th Annual Employer Conference, Leading with Action includes:

  • Global Business Leadership Network Summit for senior business leaders
  • Networking opportunities
  • Interactive workshops facilitated by industry leaders, subject experts and diversity-related practitioners
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA): impacts on business in 2012 and onwards
  • 2011 Employer and Entrepreneur Awards
  • Keynote presenters, entertainers and special guests

People with disabilities are an underutilized and well educated labor force that can add a wealth of skills and diversity to the workplace. Yet the gap between people with disabilities and the greater population in terms of employment rate is still wide. Consider the facts:

  • Employment rate of persons with disabilities (ages 25-54): 51%  vs. Employment rate of general population, ages 25-54: 81% (Stats Canada 2001 PALS)
  • Post secondary education rate of persons with disabilities is 52% – quite comparable to the non-disabled population (59%) (Earnings and Employment Trends Dec 2003 – BC Stats)

So employers are subsequently missing out on the benefits that this diverse and qualified group has to offer.

JOIN’s Employer Conference, “Leading with Action,” will address these and many other issues. Learn about best practices for disability inclusion; get the tools to be a leader in this field.We hope to see you there!

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