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June 2017


10 Important P’s of LinkedIn

By | Jobseeker

LinkedIn has quickly become the go-to social networking platform for job seekers and hiring personnel. As a job seeker, you may feel intimidated by its capabilities and potential dangers, but creating a LinkedIn profile is valuable, and almost essential during a job search. It’s your digital, job-seeking identity. These are ten important P’s of LinkedIn, for job seekers: Read More


It’s a start of an era: Tips for Recent Graduates

By | Jobseeker

Career Edge will always be here for you!

For recent graduates, late June may appear to be the ‘end of an era.’ You’re trading in your sweatpants for a suit or blazer. You’re trading your red cup for a cover letter and resumé. You’re trading your late-night Thursdays outings for early-morning weekends online.

If these sound daunting, and the rain starts to pour, Career Edge will always be here for you. Read More

Canadian Armed Forces

Success Story: Ryan Vine

By | CAF, Success Story

“Without having a resume complete with relevant, recent, civilian experience, I would have likely encountered significantly more difficulty in securing a career.”

After his Career Edge internship at Scotiabank, Ryan Vine immediately secured a full-time position.

With approximately one decade of service as a Canadian Armed Forces Reservist, Ryan transferred the skills he developed as Section Commander (Team Leader) in the military, to his role as Recruitment Consultant – Diversity Recruitment at Scotiabank. Read More


Diverse Hiring

By | Employer, General

Today marks the official start of LGBT Pride Month in Canada, a time when Career Edge would like to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion in hiring practices, and its value to organizations. But what is diversity? What is inclusion?

Diversity: the range of differences among an organization’s people

Inclusion: the act or practice of supporting an organization’s diverse people

Companies valuing diversity respect and appreciate differences in ethnicity, national origin, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, education, and religion. Inclusive companies equitably support a diverse workforce by ensuring corporate culture, work environment, and business practices enable individuals to reach their full potential. Read More

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