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August 2017


Almost Five Thousand (sort of!) New Candidates

By | CAF, Employer

After completing summer training courses and exercises, approximately 4,600 job seekers from the Canadian Primary Reserves have returned with refined skills in communication, leadership, and time management.

Ex-military member Wes O’Donnell considers veterans as “the best-kept secret in business.” On LinkedIn, he wrote about their creative and calm performance under extreme pressure, leadership experiences at many levels, unwavering integrity, and determination to achieve goals. Read More

Work-Integrated Learning

Work-Integrated Learning

By | Employer, Jobseeker

Every new graduate stumbles upon one (or probably many) attractive, entry-level job postings in their desired field of work. These positions offer networking opportunities, provide coaching and mentoring, and promote continuous learning through on-the-job training. Scroll to the ‘requirements’ section and they read one to three years of relevant experience required.

This is the ‘no experience, no job’ cycle. Read More

customer service

Customer Service Experience Still Valuable

By | Employer, Jobseeker

Don’t overlook the value of customer service experience. While employers may focus on related work experience, they also want soft skills from recent graduates as well.

For many recent grads, the bulk of their resumé belongs in the customer service industry.

Jobs at movie theatres, department stores, supermarkets, fast-food restaurants…even gigs delivering pizzas or newspapers (you’ll soon find out why!) teach soft skills. But, these customer service roles are only valuable during a job search if the employer recognizes these skills, or the job seeker clearly displays them on the resumé. Read More

soft skills

Soft Skills Are In

By | Jobseeker
Employers value soft skills during the hiring process. Many hard skills are teachable and specific, but soft skills are equally, if not more important to employers during the hiring process.

A 2016 study conducted by LinkedIn surveyed 291 hiring managers in the U.S. The research revealed the most in-demand soft skills: Read More

move out

When will you move out?

By | Jobseeker

If the thought of living at your parents’ house forever is discouraging, ask yourself:

What’ll my kids think when I raise them in their grandparents’ house?”

This is the multi-generational household.

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, in the last 16 years, Canadian households with at least three generations of the same family, grew 38 per cent.

So, at what age should you move out of your parents’ home? The more relevant question – at what age can you? Read More

best employers

Career Edge Employers on Indeed’s Top 25

By | General, Jobseeker

For the first time, the job site Indeed released a list of the 25 best places to work in Canada, 14 of which Career Edge has placed an intern at, including every employer in the top five (RBC, Toronto Transit Commission, TELUS, General Motors, and Hospital for Sick Children).

The survey considered 600,000 reviews from Canadian employees between June 2015 and May 2017. Only companies receiving at least 50 reviews were eligible. The survey was based on five categories: pay & benefits, work-life balance, workplace advancement, opportunities within the company, and management & culture.

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