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November 2017

new year resolution

A Different Type of New Year Resolution for 2018

By | Jobseeker

If you’re searching for a job, and you’d like to start working in 2018, you need to start applying now. The time to hire, and time to fill, are becoming longer, so jobs starting in January are gathering and interviewing candidates in late November and early December. Before you apply, make sure you check off every one of these job-related new year resolutions (while your friends wait in line to purchase gym memberships): Read More

interview questions

Interview Questions You’ve Been Asked (as told by Career Edge staff)

By | Jobseeker

Employers require interviews with candidates to assess their skills, personality, thought process, ability to handle pressure, leadership potential, and fit. Some interviews are conducted in-person, while others are conducted through online video. Some require testing, while others require a portfolio. Some involve one interviewer, while others involve meeting the team. Getting a job requires going through an interview, answering questions, and perhaps answering ‘nontraditional’ questions.

Here are some nontraditional interview questions Career Edge team members have been asked: Read More


The Career Edge CAF Team

By | CAF, General

Every Remembrance Day, we honour the courageous men and women serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, helping to preserve our longstanding values and beliefs. We’d like to honour and express gratitude to our own Career Edge team members who have served, or are currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. Here are their stories: Read More

youth unemployment

Youth Unemployment Plunging (but Employment Isn’t Rising)

By | Employer, General

Canada’s youth unemployment rate dropped to 10.3 per cent in September, but the decrease doesn’t equal what it suggests.

More youth aren’t getting jobs. They’re leaving the workforce and going (or returning) to school, with 56 per cent of Canadian youth enrolled full-time.

Does more education increase their employability upon graduation, or delay the inevitability of another painful job search? Read More

canadian armed forces

Serving Our Country: From Military Service to Civilian Employment

By | CAF, Employer

“I was able to bring a unique set of skills and experiences to my civilian employer,” said Roy Liang.

Two years ago, as the Canadian Armed Forces Reservists’ paid internship program’s inaugural hire, Roy completed a six-month, paid internship on Apotex’s talent acquisition team. He successfully integrated into the civilian workforce and launched his career.

As did Andres Lapena at RBC. And Ian Kroetsch at Tjene. And many other Canadian Armed Forces Reservists serving our country. Read More


Remembrance Day

By | CAF, General
A thin layer of black velvet, interlocked in another of red, held together by a two-inch, silver pin, creating a symbol of remembrance.

It’s worn on the left lapel, close to the heart, to remember, recognize, and honour those who lost their lives while serving our country. Read More

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