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December 2017

getting a job

How do I get a job during the holidays?

By | Jobseeker

The misconception that hiring pauses during the holidays deters many job seekers from applying, but many hiring personnel still actively look to fill roles. Many positions start in early January (hint: see Career Edge internship postings), so mid- to late December isn’t the worst time to apply because there are significantly fewer applicants. Some companies even schedule start dates in late December so their new employees can acclimate to the organization before the new year. If you’re still searching for the right fit, don’t let the winter break discourage you, and follow these strategies: Read More


What if I invest in my employees and they leave?

By | Employer

High turnover rates discourage employers from investing in training and development for their employees. The investment costs are quantifiable, and widely perceived as unnecessary and expensive.

But, what happens when employers don’t invest in their employees, and they stay – how much does that cost? Unfortunately, no prior research has been conducted to quantify the net gain or loss of not regularly training and developing your employees. So, why? Read More

celebrate diversity

Celebrating Diversity

By | Employer

Endings are as polarizing as the winter’s first heavy snowfall. Loathed by drivers, but cherished by students. Resented by farmers, but adored by newborn puppies.

Found somewhere along that spectrum are our newcomers to Canada, filled with premature wonder, followed by a gradual anticipation of its conclusion. But if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we should welcome endings the way our newcomers celebrate winter’s finale – with relief, joy, and a celebration for new beginnings.

The traditional time for celebration is December. We celebrate 2017’s achievements and what’s ahead in 2018. New jobs, milestones, and people in our life.

A month that features social causes (International Day of Persons with Disabilities), spiritual observances (Mawlid, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa), and ‘alternative’ celebrations (Festivus) requires recognizing that your diverse workforce needs an inclusive celebration. To appreciate the range of differences among an organization’s people, we should remain inclusive – which requires learning. Read More

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