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February 2018

internship checklist

Things I Won’t Do on My Internship… and Things I Will Do

By | Jobseeker


ignore my employer’s onboarding process and work culture, or skip company events…
I WILL follow procedures and attend events to acclimate myself.


book vacations before consulting with my supervisor, or consistently ask for non-essential leave of absences because I know my supervisor can’t grant every request...
I WILL ask my supervisor for an extended leave when it’s necessary.
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Getting Hired Before Graduation

By | Alumni, Jobseeker

Almost every graduating student knows a classmate who’s secured a job before graduation. How do they do it? They start early, like Domenic Sgambelluri, Career Edge’s Alumni of the Month for October 2017.

Before his exams began, his internship coordinator posted a role through Career Edge.

Two weeks later, he signed a contract.

On the first Monday after classes finished, he became Loblaw Companies’ newest talent acquisition specialist. Read More


North American Inclusion Month

By | Employer, General

Abbreviated in length, but inspired by change, February is a time to do more, with less.

The National Jewish Council for Disabilities established North American Inclusion Month to recognize the need for more opportunities for people with disabilities. The initiative aims to do more than just improve our understanding of a person with a disability’s needs and aspirations for 28 days. It aspires to create action toward change, and to produce a more positive approach that prevails for 365. Read More

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