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April 2018

success story

Success Story: Tahmina Naznen

By | Alumni, Success Story

“You’re more important than you think.”

That’s what a paid internship at LifeSpeak taught Tahmina Naznen.

Immigrating from Bangladesh, Tahmina arrived in Canada with a master’s in computer science and four years of experience. For six months, she struggled to secure permanent, meaningful work, losing confidence. Read More

where are they now

Where Are They Now: Natalie Goldring (Investors Group, 2007)

By | Alumni, Success Story

As a trailblazer for her internship employer, we felt it was right for Natalie Goldring’s story to be featured as our first ‘Where Are They Now’ piece, as a teaser for our upcoming Alumni Newsletter. Subscribe to read more of these stories!

Back in 2006, as Investors Group’s first-ever recruiting coordinator, Natalie Goldring developed the position – and her career – from scratch. Read More

national internship awareness month

National Internship Awareness Month

By | General

Aspiring stars travelling for auditions, delivering their best performances to impress casting directors, with dreams of launching a successful career in their trained art – it’s not just Hollywood, it’s National Internship Awareness Month.

Like the preceding, annual Academy Awards, National Internship Awareness Month recognizes and celebrates the benefits of auditions, reaped by both its employers and jobseekers. For the second year, NIAM aims to dispel myths surrounding internships to shine light on how unknowns can become stars. And because many casting directors have misconceptions about hosting auditions, NIAM also attempts to generate buzz on how they, through offering temporary tryouts, can find the right talent to produce a Best Picture nomination. Read More

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