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Her Love for Helping Others

By | Jobseeker

[This week’s blog comes from Megan Weales, Digital Community Coordinator at the University of Ontario of Institute of Technology’s Student Life department!]

Your first love might not be your last love. This is true in more than just relationships; it is true about your career, too. When I was 17 years old, I fell in love with the idea of helping people. At that point in time, helping people, to me, meant that I should become a social worker. I applied and accepted my offer to attend Trent University for Social Work. Read More

mental health awareness

Let’s Talk Mental Health: Jimmy Huynh’s Story

By | General

Everyone feels differently. Mine feels like custom-tailored clouds smothering and weighing down my five-foot, seven-inch frame, challenging me to cling on to my to-do list – that’s long enough to scrape the bottom of a bottomless ocean – from slipping away. I feel this every day. It’s like the ocean is the North Atlantic, the list is Rose DeWitt Bukater, and I’m Jack Dawson – but unlike him (spoiler alert!), I’m here, alive and well. Read More

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