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Jimmy Huynh

Tjene: Sophia Tsang

By | Employer, Success Story


Sophia Tsang (HR Manager) on intern Ian Kroetsch

Ian Kroetsch (right) joined by team member Calvin Yoa

“Ian was one of our first interns from Career Edge and his skills were outside what we would usually consider. For example, he graduated from Bachelor of Arts in History and we are an IT firm and usually looking for hires that either have an engineering or computer science degree.

Ian surpassed our expectations, he not only was able to pick up the technical skills, his soft skills are excellent. He’s now helping us build the culture of our company.”


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Dinkar Farwaha

By | Alumni, Success Story


Career Edge Internship: Research Analyst, Russell Reynolds Associates
Now: Research Associate, Russell Reynolds Associates

“I moved permanently to Canada in 2017 after having worked approximately 10 years in market research and strategy consulting roles in India. Finding a job in my field (without having Canadian experience) was a herculean task. I applied for hundreds of jobs, had several dozen informational interviews, networked at various events and attended numerous career fairs in my endeavor to fetch the ideal job for myself. While this resulted in approximately 15 to 20 job interviews over a period of four to six months, I consistently struggled to clear the final round of interviews. When I asked for feedback from my interviewer(s), the usual response was, “We really liked you and we feel that you could be a strong asset to our team. However, we have opted for somebody who has the local experience.”

After several months of disappointment of not being able to land a promising opportunity for myself, I was lucky to be introduced to Career Edge. A former neighbor of mine from India, who is currently a senior director at a prominent government institution in British Columbia, suggested to me Career Edge.

He had started his professional journey in Canada through an internship that he fetched through Career Edge and went on to build a successful career for himself. He advised me to apply for internship opportunities on Career Edge. He felt that an internship could possibly open the door for me to showcase my knowledge, work ethic and experience to the employers.

I immediately created an account on Career Edge and gave my video interview. I kept an eye on the internship opportunities catering to my profile and periodically applied for the right opportunities. Within a couple of weeks, I got a call from Career Edge regarding an interview with executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates. I cleared the interview(s) and since the internship matched my profile, I agreed to join it. The six-month internship was well-structured and gave me adequate time to contribute and showcase the skills that I possess. I was offered a full-time role in the organization upon the completion of the internship and I joined full-time as a Research Associate.

Career Edge has played an instrumental role in helping me kick-start my career in Canada. It opens doors for not only fresh graduates but also for professionals who have non-Canadian experience in building a strong foundation for themselves in Canada.”


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OLG: David Tan

By | Employer, Success Story


June | Mentor

David Tan, Director, Corporate Project Governance, on former intern Jovita Shetty

“Jovita is an incredible individual with passion, energy, dedication and commitment.  She very quickly got up to speed in her immediate responsibilities, and she jumped in and took on additional work in two other projects.

She has an infectious positive attitude and is an individual that anyone will want on their team.”


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Minami Alguire

By | Alumni, Success Story


Career Edge Internship: HR Project Manager, Bell
Now: HR Consultant (Graduate Leadership Program), Bell

“The team at Bell was welcoming and supportive from day one, allowing me to build my confidence as I transitioned from the academic world to the working world. The team treated me with all of the same respect as a permanent employee; offering mentorship, research projects that I could own from end-to-end, and exposure to directors and VPs within the company.

I was fortunate to be part of a team with a broad mandate that worked closely with multiple HR functions. This allowed me to continue learning about the different areas of HR and explore the many opportunities offered by a career in HR.

My Career Edge internship was the perfect transition from my degree in management and organizational studies to a job in human resources. I am pleased to share that I now work full-time at Bell as an HR Consultant.”

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RBC: Vivian Li

By | Employer, Success Story


Vivian Li, Senior Manager, Inclusive Recruitment, on intern Alelie Ocampo

Vivian Li (left) & Alelie Ocampo

“When initially onboarding the role, Alelie received limited training due to the sudden departure of the previous program manager and at the same time there was a big volume increase from RBC hiring managers. Under great pressure, Alelie not only took the initiative to learn the process, but also identified opportunities to streamline the existing process and created easy-to-follow job aids / FAQs for hiring managers, which received great feedback from the businesses we support.

In Spring 2017, RBC Procurement implemented new invoicing process for programs like Career Edge. It is a huge change management for both our vendor Career Edge Organization and our hiring managers. In order to create a seamless experience for hiring managers, Alelie took it on herself to partner with RBC’s procurement colleagues and learned about the new invoicing process so that she can direct hiring managers to the right steps when they have questions. This huge undertaking on Alelie’s part saved the hiring managers a lot of time navigating the non-user-friendly system and moved the payment steps forward.

Due to our successful promotion of program to internal hiring managers, our hiring volume increased 60% in 2017 ( 68 new interns in 2016 and 110 new interns in 2017). Alelie took the full accountability and delivered great quality services to our hiring managers.  She also took every opportunity to promote the program to both internal hiring managers and external candidates who could potentially benefit the program.

RBC helped 110 interns who traditionally face employment barriers (new grads, grads with disabilities, newcomer professionals and reservists) gain valuable work experience, which is 60% more than last year. We are the first organization that exceeded 100 intern hires in Career Edge’s history in the last 15 years!

Alelie’s great work directly contributed to the great social impact RBC is able to create through this internship program.”


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Joel Persaud

By | Alumni, Success Story


Career Edge Internship: Corporate Intelligence Consultant, KPMG

“Before Career Edge, I felt that I was really having a hard time getting my foot in the door in the private sector, as I did not previously have any meaningful corporate employment. Career Edge changed this by providing a platform for young military reservists to get direct exposure to top tier companies (like KPMG).

In my four years of service with the Canadian Armed Forces, I have not seen a better program to assist young members with their non-military careers and aspirations than the Career Edge-CAF collaboration.

When I got the call back with an internship offer from KPMG, I was nothing less than ecstatic. I had finally been given a high-growth opportunity at one of the top consulting firms in the world, and I was ready to make the most of it. Fast-forward through the first six months of internship and my contract has been extended with the intention to become permanent upon completion.

At KPMG, I really enjoy working with some of the most talented and intellectual young people in the country. KPMG is one of the “Big 4″ and I can say that it definitely lives up to its reputation, as everyone carries out a high-degree of excellency and professionalism with their work. My favourite work event thus far has been our group trip to Mont Tremblant, Quebec. The entire KPMG Forensic national practice congregated in Mont Tremblant for our bi-annual conference with all of our expenses covered. We spent two days learning from other groups across the country, while networking with them and participating in team trade shows.

The highlight of my internship has been getting the chance to participate in organizing the annual United Way KPMG Risk Consulting charity event. This was my first time in years that I had the opportunity to volunteer, and it was incredibly rewarding being part of an event that gave back and supported the local community. At the end of it, I also gained a new appreciation for frequent organizer volunteers for charitable causes because I did not realize the immense amount of work that they are involved in to make it successful.”


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The Canadian Press: Esther Bye

By | Employer, Success Story


April | Mentor

Esther Bye, HR Advisor, on intern Brendan McGeagh

“Brendan is exceptionally smart and genuinely kind. He helped us with a great deal of new initiatives, policy writing and cleaning up our files and creating consistent templates. We were able to train him on our payroll system and gave him many opportunities to learn in as many areas as he could.

His competence and quiet communication style put people at ease and helped to calm some heated debates.

He was working for us on a contract but has since moved on to something new. He is much missed, and I hope to be able to work with him again in the future.”


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How Career Edge Impacted an Election

By | Alumni, Success Story

(No, not the American election…)

What do lawn signs, debates, and Career Edge interns have in common?

All played a role in shaping Drake’s presumed vote for ‘the greatest city in the world.’

After accepting candidate cards that travel from volunteer to disposal in seconds, and then growing frustrated with congested platforms (no, not Bloor-Yonge station after a security incident), the residents of the greatest city in the world voted. Read More

Ariel Benjamin

By | Alumni, Success Story


Career Edge Internship: Communications Intern, Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Now: Communications Coordinator, Ontario Chamber of Commerce

“As a recent graduate, I was so excited to begin my career in marketing. However, although I had a great degree and had been through several interviews, I was struggling to find a job opportunity suited to my skillset and interests. That was until I found Career Edge.

Career Edge allowed me to identify as a post-secondary graduate and provided me with opportunities tailored to my experience. It was through Career Edge that I was able to land a fantastic opportunity – working in communications/marketing just as I’d always hoped.

I was supported throughout my internship and was able to secure a full-time position. The experience I have gained has been invaluable and I can honestly say that Career Edge has helped me to jump-start my career.”


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TTC: Joanna Raimondo

By | Employer, Success Story


March | Mentor

Joanna Raimondo, Project Coordinator, on intern Lisa Chang

“Lisa not only learned quickly her role within our Section, but she has offered suggestions for process improvements and continues to contribute ideas for improvements.

When assigned tasks Lisa works very well independently and asks for assistance if needed but is able to solve problems independently.

In addition, Lisa works well with others and provides excellent customer service to not only our internal staff but external customers.”


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