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social enterprise

Social Enterprises Supporting Other Social Enterprises

By General

At Career Edge, we help individuals facing barriers to employment launch their careers. We believe what we do is important, but we know there are many other social enterprises like us, changing the world and doing great things for people to make an impact – and that’s why we’re supporting Good Foot Delivery, a delivery service employing people with disabilities. They make deliveries in Toronto on foot and via public transit. Read More


North American Inclusion Month

By General

Abbreviated in length, but inspired by change, February is a time to do more, with less.

The National Jewish Council for Disabilities established North American Inclusion Month to recognize the need for more opportunities for people with disabilities. The initiative aims to do more than just improve our understanding of a person with a disability’s needs and aspirations for 28 days. It aspires to create action toward change, and to produce a more positive approach that prevails for 365. Read More


Remembrance Day

By CAF, General
A thin layer of black velvet, interlocked in another of red, held together by a two-inch, silver pin, creating a symbol of remembrance.

It’s worn on the left lapel, close to the heart, to remember, recognize, and honour those who lost their lives while serving our country. Read More


Coffee and Careers

By General

Coffee is a stimulant that injects a boost in the central nervous system. With its limitations, it’s not for everyone. But, if consumed in moderation, drinking coffee can have many possible benefits at the workplace. Read More

best employers

Career Edge Employers on Indeed’s Top 25

By General, Jobseeker

For the first time, the job site Indeed released a list of the 25 best places to work in Canada, 14 of which Career Edge has placed an intern at, including every employer in the top five (RBC, Toronto Transit Commission, TELUS, General Motors, and Hospital for Sick Children).

The survey considered 600,000 reviews from Canadian employees between June 2015 and May 2017. Only companies receiving at least 50 reviews were eligible. The survey was based on five categories: pay & benefits, work-life balance, workplace advancement, opportunities within the company, and management & culture.