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Celebrating Success

By November 3, 2016August 6th, 2019Success Story

We know that Career Edge candidates are dedicated and motivated individuals who are always looking to add great value to their employers and host organizations. For this issue, we are thrilled to showcase the success stories of two such candidates.

Ontario Die International Inc. first connected with Career Edge in the fall of 2015 through the RBC Associate Host Program; a program that helps RBC’s small and medium-sized business clients connect with exceptional internationally qualified talent, while leveraging RBC’s contribution towards the cost of facilitating a 6-month internship. An organization located in the industrial area of Kitchener, Ontario Die International was facing challenges in finding qualified IT talent to fill their key technology role. In comes Anila Pathak. Anila, who registered for the Career Edge program earlier in September 2015, applied to the organization’s IT role. Due to her advanced technical background and skill-set, as well as her willingness and dedication to commute to Kitchener, she successfully secured the 6-month internship. During her internship, Anila became such a strong asset to the organization, where not only was her placement extended an additional 6 months, but she was hired permanently at Ontario Die International!

Another employer who experienced our candidates’ drive first-hand is North Bay-based Ontario Northland. Karen Chamberlain, HR Business Partner at Ontario Northland, was looking to backfill a year-long HR role. With a limited budget, tight timelines, and a non-metropolitan location, finding the right talent proved challenging — until Karen, who also proctors for the HRPA Comprehensive Knowledge Exams, connected with Maureen Alexander following a recent exam writing session. Maureen expressed how difficult it was to find employment opportunities with her limited HR experience. She also shared her involvement with the HRPA Edge program, which allows employers to connect with and recruit quality HR graduates cost-effectively, without adding to their organization’s headcount. Enticed by HRPA Edge’s flexible, low-risk internship model, Karen connected with us to learn more about the program. We are delighted to share that Karen not only signed-up for our program, but also posted the role on our board, interviewed Maureen, and hired her for the role in only 3 days. Maureen starts her internship today.

If you want to share your success story with a Career Edge intern or employer partner, or you wish to connect with exceptional, dedicated, and motivated talent like Anila and Maureen, contact us or your Career Edge representative today!