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Get the Most Out of Your Summer Interns

By May 26, 2015August 6th, 2019Uncategorized

As the temperature outside rises, employers are warming up to the summer internship season; but four months doesn’t always leave much time to make a real dent in many of those seasonal projects.

There are plenty of articles that provide interns with tips to succeed during their internship, but there are also a few things that employers can do to create an environment that inspires optimal performance from their enthusiastic, highly motivated intern during their internship term.

  1. Set goals: On the first day of the internship, take some time to speak with your new intern about the projects he or she will be expected to complete during his or her term.
  2. Prepare to start with simple tasks: Career Edge interns are typically proactive when it comes to completing their tasks, but often encounter downtime while waiting for instructions, or when they are not sure which step to take next. Having simple and relatable tasks ready for your intern when he or she starts can boost their productivity and get him or her off to a good start.
  3. Teach an intern to “fish”: Like the idiom goes, when interns come to you with questions, coach them on how to find solutions on their own, rather than giving them the answers right away. This way they become more self-sufficient and effective throughout their internship.

These three tips will help your Career Edge interns get hands-on experience that they can use during their internship and well beyond. Their heightened performance will also help you accomplish your summer projects without the risks associated with traditional summer staffing.

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