Here are some things Career Edge’s recruiters recommend before submitting your resumé:

❐ I have shortened my resumé to two pages maximum (three for international jobseekers)
❐ I have customized my resumé to the job I’m applying for
❐ I have organized my resumé so that someone with only 15 seconds will know what I offer
❐ I have written my resumé in a simple font (ex: black, 10-12, Times New Roman)
❐ I have included headings and consistent spacing
❐ I have used an automated spell checker
❐ I have manually scanned and edited my resumé for typos and grammar/punctuation errors
❐ I have updated my contact information
❐ I have removed ‘References Available Upon Request’
❐ I have included ‘Willing to Relocate’ when applying for a remote job
❐ I have enough white space for readability, but not so much that my resumé appears empty


❐ I have listed the school/institution, type of degree/diploma, program, and graduation date
❐ I have listed the country of my international education
❐ I have removed my high school education

Work Experience

❐ I have listed the job title, organization, start date, and end date
❐ I have listed the country of my international work experience
❐ I have included three to five bullet points for each job
❐ I have quantified my accomplishments
❐ I have demonstrated my skills through activities and achievements, not responsibilities

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