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Success Story: Shaunelle Valley

By October 26, 2017Alumni, Success Story

“I’ve never even visited the country.”

Shaunelle Valley is quickly learning how to integrate into Canadian life. Her process began before her landing. With roots in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the U.K., the self-described “true newcomer” didn’t make plans to look for a job – she already had one.

Shaunelle connected with Career Edge through Planning For Canada, a free pre-arrival service dedicated to helping individuals and their families prepare for their new lives in Canada.

“From the very beginning, the Career Edge experience was different because it was incredibly practical in its application – completely centered around my integration into the Canadian workplace as opposed to theoretical challenges. The enrollment interview stage was proof of the very real way in which [Career Edge] prepares you for an employment opportunity.”

Raz Design shortlisted Shaunelle for a six-month internship as their quality assurance manager after watching her screening. The Toronto-based manufacturer of shower commode chairs was looking for someone who would thrive in a fast-growing, entrepreneurial company, self-motivated and self-directed, capable of handling multiple tasks, with three to five years of experience in the quality assurance field.

“Career Edge advisors provided me (via email) with tips to best prepare for the virtual meeting and I felt at ease. I at no time felt disadvantaged because the mere fact the employers were willing to conduct a virtual interview meant they were keen to learn more about my skill set. Therefore, I focused only on letting as much of my personality and professional style translate via the short video meeting,” Shaunelle said.

David Harding, Vice-President and CEO of Raz, said, “After Career Edge sent Shaunelle’s videos to us, all we needed was a Skype meeting. It was a very good process.”

Upon receiving her offer of employment, she felt incredibly relieved.

“Knowing there’s a job in Canada and an opportunity for me to find my way in a new professional climate has eased any anxiety felt in this process.”

Experienced in health quality systems, corrective action implementation, and laboratory audits, Shaunelle has mitigated error-associated risk for more than six years as a quality compliance manager. Her first Canadian job involves developing and maintaining procedures to ensure processes and products comply with quality standards.

She’s been a lifelong learner, with a master’s degree in biomedical science, and a certificate in drug safety. She’s also taught college students in Trinidad and Tobago.

Shaunelle understood the value of acquiring Canadian work experience through an internship to integrate into the Canadian workforce.

She said, “learning is the only way.”

Career Edge connects job seekers – including recent immigrants and those yet to arrive – to career-launching paid internships with top employers. Newcomers to Canada can expect to receive assistance before and after their arrival. Along with support provided by employer coaches and mentors, Career Edge manages the intern-employer relationship, and extends guidance and advice to interns at each stage of the work-integrated learning opportunity – from program registration to placement completion.

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