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If you dread video interviews (like how the average millennial dreads voice calls and prefers text messages), think of them as opportunities, not obstacles.

Video interviews showcase your personality and soft skills. It’s your chance to separate yourself from the other applicants and join the shortlist of candidates who receive an in-person interview.

Consider these before you start your video interview:

❐ Acoustics
Notify everyone in your house that you need a few minutes of quiet. Turn off your phone. Lock your bird in its cage. Tell your mom to vacuum tomorrow. You need silence.

❐ Lighting
The light source should shine toward you.

❐ Background
Anything behind you shouldn’t distract the viewer. Solid-coloured walls and bookshelves are good, televisions turned on are bad. Roommates are very bad.

❐ Confidence
Maintain eye contact and speak assertively.

❐ Preparation
Have answers for traditional in-person interviews (tell us about yourself…) ready, as well as some brief STAR-method stories memorized. Have a script, but don’t read! You’ll sound like a robot and no one wants to hire a robot (unless that’s the industry). If it’ll make you feel comfortable, practice with a friend through Skype before.

❐ Technology
Ensure the battery level is sufficient, and your webcam and microphone work. Reset the router in advance if you’re worried the internet could disconnect.

❐ Personality
Position yourself so the screen focuses on your smile and shoulders. Yes, your smile. Again, no one wants to hire a robot.

❐ Attire
Dress how you normally would for an in-person interview – professionally.

❐ “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”
Watch some examples of video interviews online.

❐ Read
Consult Career Edge’s FAQ on video interviews.