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Need a costume for the office Halloween competition? Dress up as one of the recruitment essentials. Learn which DIY recruitment costume you are based on your recruiter archetype:



If you’re the loud, dramatic, fast-talking recruiter, you’re the PHONE. Make a giant paper mache phone that you can comfortably fit inside by poking holes large enough for your head and limbs. You can replicate your desk phone with additional spray paint colours or draw a screen with your voicemail message written out.

Materials required: balloons ($2), liquid glue, ($12), newspapers, black spray paint ($8), tape ($5)Applicant Tracking System

If you’re the nurturing, supportive, second-in-command recruiter, you’re the ATS. Make an easel sign that you can fit under and draw the interface of the ATS including its logo. Feel free to spell out your name at the top because you’re a 100% match for this costume.

Materials required: spray paint ($8), cardboard sheetsats(Swimming) Pool

If you’re the eccentric, fun, optimistic recruiter, you’re the POOL. You’re the water so gather as many traditional backyard swimming toys as you can and wear them up and down your body. If you’re not in the mood for shopping, print and mummify yourself with resumes of fake strong candidates.

Materials required: blue morphsuit ($45), inflatable flamingo float ($10), snorkeling goggles/tube ($30), swimming flippers ($32), rubber ducks ($15)poolLinkedIn

If you’re the social, millennial, constantly-on-their-personal-phone recruiter, you’re the LINKEDIN. Find a huge square cardboard box and paint the LinkedIn logo on all sides. Like the phone, you need to comfortably fit inside so poke holes large enough for your head and limbs. You earn bonus points if you bring toy mice and build a board assembled of only keys.

Materials required: square cardboard box, blue spray paint ($8), white spray paint ($8)Purple Squirrel

If you’re the fearless, often-hungover, hey-look-at-me recruiter, you’re the PURPLE SQUIRREL. Make a giant paper mache tail, get your cardio in as you let your coworkers chase you around in the office all day, and enjoy!

Materials required: purple morphsuit ($45), newspapers, cotton balls ($3), tape ($5), purple spray paint ($8)purple squirrel