Career Edge Role: Communications and Social Media Coordinator at Western Union Canada

Alumni of the Month: August

“There was never a dull moment during my internship at Western Union. As an intern, I still felt like a part of the team, with the opportunity to work and be involved in real projects and campaigns that impacted the organization.

Throughout my internship experience, I received excellent mentorship from every level; from my manager, all the way up to the VP.

All members of the leadership team were advocates for career development and strongly enforced open door policies for any member of their team, intern or not.

It was a truly valuable learning experience that challenged me, helped me grow professionally, and allowed me to acquire the skills and experience I needed to continue building my career as a social media and communications professional. Thanks to my internship experience, I was able to secure my current role at the multinational e-commerce corporation, eBay Canada.”


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