For over 20 years, Career Edge has done more than just help jobseekers find their internships and employers find their interns.

We've been changing lives and making a difference.

An internship program
two decades in the making

Since 1996, Career Edge has connected more than 13,000 people with top employers in Canada of all sizes, from all sectors, through paid internships.


Percentage at which youth employment dropped from 2005 to 2015 (from 57.2% to 51.9%)


In 2014, the employment rate of Canadians with disabilities remained at 30% below the general population.


In 2015, immigrants’ employment rate is 3% less than the national average.

Why it matters

Many individuals in Canada face barriers to employment and are stuck in the ‘no experience, no job’ cycle.

Career Edge has built a paid internship program on four pillars of success that empower these individuals to overcome barriers to employment, gain valuable and relevant work experience, expand their professional network, and launch meaningful careers that support their livelihood in Canada.


Coaching & Mentoring
Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
Knowledge Transfer
Networking Opportunities

John Tory

City of Toronto Mayor   |   Keynote Speaker, Career Edge’s 20th Anniversary Gala

“This program proved that there were lots of companies in Toronto who were prepared to give these candidates a chance…Like everything else, there’s a multiplier effect to that – if 13,000 people have had their careers founded in effect, or put on a solid foundation by Career Edge, think about the families, think about the relatives, think about the people who, in some cases, rely on those 13,000 people today for their own jobs, because somebody was able to achieve success in our own country.


And I think the companies that stepped up did so knowing that, yes, it was in their own self-interest in two respects – first, they got great people and secondly, they knew as business people, that this would contribute for the overall health of our economy and our social fabric in cities like Toronto and across the country. But my own experience tells me, from helping organizations like Career Edge, that a lot of people that signed up for programs like this, did it because they knew it was the right thing to do.”

Skilled Newcomers to Canada

According to the 2016 census, the landed immigrant median income hit a record high since 1981, reaching $29,770 per year.

However, skilled newcomers to Canada still earn significantly less than non-immigrants in the majority of Canada, with the widest gap in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.





Yet, thanks to a successful and supportive internship model, Career Edge interns earned equal to


or greater than


Canadians’ average salaries upon completing their Career Edge paid internships.

Over the past two years, our alumni have generated more than

in new permanent wages

People with Disabilities

The employment rate for Canadians with a disability remains significantly below the general population. Through support provided by Career Edge talent specialists and guidance from inclusive Career Edge employers, people with disabilities receive opportunities to pursue meaningful employment opportunities, empowering them to launch their careers and realize their full potential.

Last year alone, recruitment of people with disabilities increased by 32%.

“Because of the incredible opportunities I was given to learn and explore, I discovered skills I didn’t even know I had! Never would I have ever imagined technology and data analysis as my strengths.”


Ayesha Zubair
Analyst, Enterprise Talent Sourcing Programs, RBC
Career Edge Alumna & Graduate with a Disability (2012)


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"Following my internship, I was offered a position that required three to five years of experience. I only had one. I’m now on my way to a rewarding civilian career, still doing what I love."

Canadian Armed Forces

Our paid internship program also supports the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). We help CAF members secure paid internships that align with their civilian career goals.

Thanks to their extensive military experience, CAF members offer our Career Edge employers unique technical and soft skills that are highly transferable and valuable to a civilian workplace.

Wen Jun (Roy) Liang

Adrienne Boyd

Natalie Pedrosa

Olusola Omoni

Ayesha Zubair

Sandra Shehadeh

Fenella Chiu

Asher Zafar

Lawrence Lau

Stacee Samuels

Vivian Li

Jonathon Borland

Success Stories

We’ve collected over 13,000 success stories of candidates who’ve launched meaningful careers.

Approximately 80% of Career Edge interns have been hired permanently by their Career Edge employer following their internships.

Many Career Edge alumni — like Joshua Stainton at GE Canada — go on to mentor Career Edge interns of their own.

Career Edge makes the recruitment process painless. They provide high quality applicants and they are always available for support. I would not hesitate to recommend Career Edge as a recruitment partner and in fact, I have recommended them to colleagues in other organizations.

Shirley Abi-AdHuman Resources Manager, Dr. Oetker

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Career Edge in the past several years – placing interns and working directly with interns on my team. Career Edge is a wonderful organization that impacts the lives of many, and families and organization that see much benefit from this relationship.

Jenny PoulosSenior Vice President, P&CB HR and Global Recrutment, RBC

A very positive experience – I've had recruiters make promises in the past but never deliver. Career Edge has always delivered

Nicole BellTalent Acquisition Specialist, Ricoh Canada

Career Edge brings to life the opportunity to transform somebody's life. One at a time – linking great talent to organizations. It's an absolute pleasure to work with them; the passion of their core team, the commitment to support talent, and the service to deliver strong programs.

Deenah PatelSenior Director, Recruitment Marketing & Channel Strategy, RBC

Why hire Career Edge interns?

Since our inception, more than 1,000 employers have hired through Career Edge because our paid internship program offers:

Diverse, qualified candidates
Corporate social responsibility fulfillment
Cost-effective recruitment
High-touch, high-value service

Some Career Edge employers include: