Career Edge Role: Human Resources Representative at RBC

Alumni of the Month: July

Pooja Ruchandani says “Despite having great experience in human resources, my interviews wouldn’t process ahead because I didn’t have Canadian experience.

I started talking to as many people as possible to know what I was missing, and how to get a head start. Finally, one of my friends advised me to apply through Career Edge, and all the top employers associated with them.

I felt like Career Edge was my ‘light in the darkness.’ I wanted someone to trust me, believe in me, and give me a chance to prove my abilities – and it was Career Edge.

I applied for a position in RBC through Career Edge and received a call to attend a face-to-face interview. Honestly, I was overwhelmed and it felt like a milestone going for my first face-to-face interview in Canada. They liked my profile and experience, and I was an RBC employee in a few days.

I had an amazing mentor at RBC and I truly believe that I was lucky to get a manager like him. I learned so many things outside my roles and responsibilities. Every time I reached out to my mentor and asked for more responsibility and showed interest to learn more and more, he was incredibly supportive.

The overall experience with Career Edge and RBC made me extremely positive, confident, and independent. The secret of getting ahead is getting started, and Career Edge gave me this amazing opportunity.”


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