Career Edge Role: Manager, Marketing Planning and Execution at Rogers

Alumni of the Month: March

Sanzida Khatun says “I arrived to Canada from Bangladesh with lots of excitement, looking forward to the future with positivity and anticipation. I spent hours and hours on Google, researching companies, interview techniques, and networking opportunities. I started volunteering at a couple places within a month of arrival. I also tried to pursue networking opportunities wherever possible.

Career Edge was so helpful to me, with its one-on-one counselling and options to practice for the video interview. The Career Edge team gave lots of useful information on resume and cover letter writing, interview etiquettes, and insights on what employers look for. The kindness and attention at this rather sensitive stage of your life when you’re in a new country looking for a job, is precious.

The role was about 90 per cent similar to what I used to do in my previous employment in Bangladesh and I learned Rogers is one of the top telecom brands in Canada and a great place to work, so when I expressed my interest in this particular posting from Rogers, the team went above and beyond to help my resume reach the recruiter at Rogers.

It was like a dream come true when I got the phone call about getting hired at Rogers. I felt genuinely proud of myself – a priceless feeling. I also felt determined to do really well in my role at Rogers.

I believe my many years of experience in the telecom sector (almost entirely spent working in marketing), and my ability to learn from mistakes and strive in a constantly changing environment similar to Rogers definitely put my employer at ease. It has been a great experience and I definitely want to give back if possible.

I do feel a lot of gratitude, especially for the help I received from the recruiter at Career Edge at the time I was applying for my current job, because these organizations are doing a great job in helping skilled professionals like myself find their footing in North American workplaces and allowing individuals (as well as families) to live the life they hoped for when moving to Canada leaving behind friends and families.”


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