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“My Career Edge internship experience was nothing but phenomenal” 

After completing a six-month Career Edge internship at Tjene Corp, the consulting firm hired Ian Kroetsch full-time.

With almost one decade of service as a Canadian Armed Forces Reservist, Ian shifted the skills he developed as Platoon Second-in-command, a senior management role in the military, to his position as Analyst at Tjene Corp.

As a CAF Reservist, Ian gained leaderships skills through developing and mentoring 43 junior personnel through instruction and training exercises. He received awards for his strong leadership, performance under pressure, and his professionalism and compassion. Ian also developed support skills during his decade-long time as a Reservist while meeting all objectives of senior leadership, by maintaining open communication and performing administrative duties.

Ian learned a lot about the IT industry during his internship at Tjene Corp. He wrote functional design documents and user guides, designed inbound and outbound integration to financial systems for payment processing, and provided guidance on the use of TRIRIGA software.

Ian Kroetsch, Canadian Armed Forces Reservist

Today, Ian remains at Tjene Corp as a full-time Consultant. He is a certified IBM TRIRIGA Application Developer.

“Career Edge really benefitted for getting me into a position where I could showcase to employers in an interview setting what kind of value myself and any other Reservists bring to the table…and why we’re worth taking a chance on.”

In 2015, Career Edge launched the CAF Reservists’ Paid Internship Program. This ongoing initiative connects employers to Reservists seeking full-time career opportunities in their field of study, through paid internships to help guide the transition process of CAF Reservists into civilian roles.

If you’re an employer interested in hiring a CAF Reservist, or a Reservist looking start a civilian career, sign up for Career Edge’s program today.