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“The Career Edge Canadian Armed Forces program has been beneficial to both the civilian partners as well as the Canadian Armed Forces”

With almost nine years of service as a Canadian Armed Forces Reservist, Roy was seeking a career in human resources. During his six-month Career Edge internship as Administrator in the Talent Acquisition department at Apotex, he used the skills he gained as an Army Communication and Information System Specialist in the military. After the internship, the pharmaceutical company hired Roy full-time.

Roy Liang, Canadian Armed Forces Reservist

“I was able to bring a unique set of skills and experiences to my civilian employer that they would not normally get from a candidate.”

As a CAF Reservist, Roy developed leadership skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to change.

At Apotex, Roy improved his planning and organization skills while learning about forecasting and remaining competitive in the market.

Today, Roy continues to work at Apotex as an administrator in talent acquisition.

In 2015, Career Edge launched the CAF Reservists’ Paid Internship Program. This ongoing initiative connects employers to Reservists seeking full-time career opportunities in their field of study, through paid internships to help guide the transition process of CAF Reservists into civilian roles.

If you’re an employer interested in hiring a CAF Reservist, or a Reservist looking start a civilian career, sign-up for Career Edge’s program today.