Launching careers for Canadian Armed Forces members.

The Career Edge Internship Program for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is aimed at helping Primary Reservists with a desire to continue to train and serve at their local reserve unit, Regular Forces members transitioning into civilian life, and Veterans secure paid internship opportunities that align with their fields of study, level of experience, and civilian career goals.

Whether you’re looking to complement your existing staff or planning to expand your mandate to include members of the military in your workforce, this program is your single source hiring solution for entry and mid-level positions − through paid internships.

Get started by completing the following three steps:

Sign up and post your internship opportunity.


Track and review candidate applications, allowing us to monitor activity and engage, if necessary.

Conduct interviews and hire your preferred candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Reservist?
  • In the context of the CAF Reservists’ paid internship program, a Reservist is a part-time member of Canada’s military within its Primary Reserve force. If you would like to know more about reservists, a wealth of information and resources can be accessed on the Canadian Forces Liaison Council website. Through this specialized program, Career Edge is committed to helping Reservists secure full-time roles outside of the CAF in a wide range of civilian occupations, while allowing them to continue serving their local reserve unit.
  • What kind of occupations can CAF members be hired for?
  • Having acquired rigorous military training, CAF members have developed an abundance of transferable skills that can be effectively applied towards corporate roles in Sales, HR, Marketing and Communications, Project Management, Business Operations, and many others.
  • How does the program work?
  • The Career Edge Internship Program for CAF is designed to complement your existing hiring process. To get started, simply log in or create an employer account and post your internship, being sure to check off the “Canadian Armed Forces” option as the candidate type that you are looking to hire. Once CAF members begin applying to your role, you can review candidates, create a shortlist, and schedule interviews.
  • My organization is committed to hiring veterans; can this program help us achieve this?
  • Absolutely. Veterans are typically seen as those who have transitioned to civilian life after leaving the military. However, there are a number of Reservists who are still active members of CAF, but who are also considered to be veterans, having been deployed operationally in service to their country.