Career Edge Video Interview FAQ

Career Edge Talent Screening is an online video interview platform. Some Career Edge employers require video responses to three basic questions so it’s an opportunity for you to showcase your personality to employers. You’ll receive unlimited practice time before it begins, along with preparation time between each question. Don’t worry, these responses don’t replace the in-person interview.

You’re only required to record video responses once. These responses are used for every subsequent application that require video responses so avoid mentioning the specific employer.

Why should I complete my video interview?

Your video interview brings your application to life! It gives you the ability to showcase your personality and individuality to employers, helping you better present your potential fit within a company’s culture and gain an advantage over other candidates.

This tool also enables you to personally demonstrate your soft skills, including communication and presentation skills, and your ability to think on your feet.

Where do I complete my video interview?

When you apply to a paid internship opportunity, you will be sent a link by Kira Talent inviting you to record your video interview, if required. Please note that this only applies to some roles; not all of our internship postings require that you complete a video interview.

Who will watch my video interview?

Potential employers and hiring managers will have access to your video interview, so prepare well and keep it professional.

What technology do I need to record my interview responses?

The only equipment you will need is a webcam and a microphone.

How should I dress for my video interview?

You should dress professionally. Your video interview will be seen by potential employers and hiring managers; so, dress as you would for a regular in-person interview.

How can I record an engaging video interview?

To create a great video interview:

  • Keep your background clean, simple, and distraction-free
  • Sit in a well-lit room and remember to position the light source – whether it’s a lamp or a window – in front of you, not behind you
  • Avoid positioning yourself too close or too far from the camera – ideally only your face and shoulders should appear in the video interview
  • Look into the camera as you respond
  • Smile and be yourself!

What questions will I be asked during the video interview?

Your video interview will consist of three questions –

  • ‘Please tell us about yourself.’
    Give a short summary of yourself from a professional perspective – speak about your professional highlights and background.
  • ‘What interests you about a Career Edge internship?’
    Speak about how an internship can help you launch a meaningful and fulfilling career.
  • A randomly-generated standard interview question, like ‘What is an accomplishment that you’re proud of and why?’
    Use the STAR method to tell your story –

    • S: Describe a specific Situation
    • T: Share the Task you were trying to complete
    • A: Describe the Action(s) you did to accomplish the goal
    • R: Summarize the Results

Can I practice before completing my video interview?

Absolutely! Before recording your video interview, you can take as many practice interview as you need. So, take advantage of this and ensure you’re fully prepared for your actual video interview.

Can I redo my actual video interview?

Unfortunately, once you have started your actual video interview, you cannot exit or redo it.