Career Edge Role: Human Resources Assistant, Total Rewards at Hydro One Networks Inc.

Alumni of the Month: January

Sarah Taub says “After graduation, my job search was difficult because there weren’t a lot of places willing to take on a new grad. Most positions wanted experience which I didn’t have much of. I heard about Career Edge through Ryerson University and Google searches. The Career Edge team was very helpful in getting the process going and preparing me for my interview.

The Hydro One position didn’t ask for years of experience. It was a fairly open-ended HR position which meant I’d get experience in different areas of HR. The job description asked for things I already knew how to perform, having experience from previous positions.

When I found out I was hired by Hydro One, I was super excited! The internship was great. I learned what it’s like to work in HR for a major corporation, and a ton about compensation and benefits, which I had zero knowledge of previously. I also had the pleasure of working with some truly great people.

My internship helped me gain the experience I needed, and gave me a way into a great position in the workforce. It also helped to show that there are companies out there who will hire a person with a disability.”


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