Career Edge Internship: Senior Account Manager, COMMERX
Now: Engagement Manager, Google

Blessing Nnachi says “Moving to Canada was exciting and nerve-wracking both personally and professionally. One of my biggest concerns was that the move could negatively impact the progress of my career.

I had created my Career Edge profile before we arrived in Canada but frankly, I was not thrilled at the concept of taking an internship after 10 years into my professional career. I started applying to roles weeks before we arrived in Canada but weeks post arrival and several interviews later, I still hadn’t landed a job.

I decided to take a second look at Career Edge because it offered internships in my field and in two weeks, I was offered an internship in a similar role to the position I left back home. I started in my new role another two weeks later and I cannot describe how excited I was. I finally felt like we were settling in.

The Career Edge team was so helpful in getting me all set up, the team checked in on me from time to time and I was really impressed by the genuine desire demonstrated to see me succeed as a new migrant in a strange, new country.

All in all, I strongly recommend Career Edge to new migrants, the team is great, and it is an awesome way to get started with your new life in Canada.”


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