Career Edge Internship: Customer Service Representative, Apotex
Now: International Sample Coordinator, Apotex

Rejy Gabaldon says “Landing a job to kick-start my career was truly very challenging. As a new grad with a disability, my lack of experience coupled with physical limitations did not prove too favorable for the job hunt. Gratefully, I discovered Career Edge through a local employment centre. Turns out, this was the chance I have long been waiting for.

I was relieved, excited and highly motivated when I landed an internship with Apotex Inc. through the help of Career Edge. This role as Customer Service Representative intern allowed me to apply my knowledge and skills, as well as pushed me to continually learn and improve. To top it all off, I was also surrounded by an excellent mentor, a supportive team, and a company culture that nurtured professional growth and career development.

I have now transitioned to a full-time position with Apotex Inc. as International Sample Coordinator. Now, I am able to enjoy a job that not only provides compensation and benefits, but also supports affordable healthcare for patients worldwide. What a great opportunity and learning experience Career Edge has opened for me! I encourage alike new graduates with a disability to keep pursuing their goals and to seek support and available resources such as Career Edge.”


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