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Bridging the gap for internationally qualified architects

By May 10, 2012August 6th, 2019Uncategorized

JVS Toronto has leveraged the power of partnerships through its new program that aims to help internationally qualified professionals integrate into Canada’s architectural workforce.

Immigrant Professionals Leveraging Architectural Knowledge for New Opportunities (I-PLAN) is a bridging program that addresses key barriers faced by internationally trained architects, including lack of Canadian experience and the lack of sector specific job search support and advice.

As a non-profit community organization that works in strong partnership with government and business to assist people from all walks of life achieve their educational and employment potential, JVS has established a unique partnership with Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education, the Ontario Tourism Education Council, and Career Edge Organization to support the delivery of I-PLAN.

As one of the program components, I-PLAN participants complete a mentoring and internship placement supported by Career Edge Organization (CEO). Through CEO’s Career Bridge paid internship program, I-PLAN participants connect with employers that recognize and value their international education and work experience.

While the program is a great option for internationally qualified architects looking to launch their careers in Canada, employers can also benefit by tapping into this pool of highly qualified, internationally experienced talent through a flexible, low-risk hiring solution.

Career Edge Organization is proud to be a member of this partnership, and we’re looking forward to supporting I-PLAN participants as they pursue Canadian careers in architecture.

Click here for more information about JVS and the I-PLAN program.