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Career Edge Organization will be “inventing the future” with HRPA

By January 26, 2012August 6th, 2019Uncategorized

It’s official! Career Edge Organization will be joining the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)  for one of Canada’s top HR professional development experiences: the HRPA 2012 Annual Conference & Trade Show “HR: 2012 and Beyond…Inventing the Future” occurring February 1 to 3 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

As trade show exhibitors, we are looking forward to networking with HR professionals from across Canada and from around the world, while examining the latest HR issues, ideas, challenges and opportunities together. With the theme of “futuristic HR” in mind, we got to thinking about what the HR landscape will look like for 2012 “and Beyond”, and couldn’t help but be reminded of an article that attempted to do just that… three and a half years ago.

In “Human Resources: The Big Issues” published on Bloomberg Businessweek back in 2008, Marshall Goldsmith spoke with Anna Minto and Chuck Scullion of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) about BCG’s published report based on the findings of an ambitious survey of 4,700 executives in 83 countries and markets.

Goldsmith, who is coincidentally the opening keynote at this year’s HRPA Conference, interviewed Minto and Scullion about the “Creating People Advantage: How to Address HR Challenges Worldwide Through 2015” report, identifying three top HR challenges: managing talent, improving leadership development, and managing work-life balance.

Although these issues emerged from U.S. respondents, the Canadian HR community can certainly relate, and despite the survey being conducted in 2008, these issues are notably still pervasive. Looking to the year ahead and even further to 2015 (as per BCG’s survey), we would like to reiterate the suggestions and solutions from “Creating People Advantage…” that can help Canadian HR professionals mitigate these issues now and through 2015.

  • Managing Talent: When it comes to attracting, developing, and retaining talented individuals across all levels of any organization, the key is to take a creative approach in identifying high-potential talent pools. Minto and Scullion report that organizations are increasingly looking to source global talent as their creative solution, something Career Edge Organization knows a thing or two about.
  • Improving Leadership Development: With management and managerial engagement tied closely to managing talent, BCG recommends investing considerable resources (i.e. development programs and financial rewards) in prospective leaders, as these individuals are the ones hiring, mentoring, and promoting the talent mentioned in the previous point.
  • Managing Work-Life Balance: In contrast to the financial investment in developing future leaders within an organization, many employees now are seeking alternatives to traditional, financially-driven compensation packages. When it comes to compensation that contributes to work-life balance, flexible work arrangements are increasing in popularity, and are a great option to consider when appropriate.

With these three points in mind and now having reached the half-way mark between when this study was published and the anticipated relevance expiry, it’s clear that refocusing on these issues is critical to the immediate and future success of Canadian HR practices, especially with the significant demographic shifts being forecasted for beyond 2015.

As a solutions-based organization, Career Edge Organization is looking forward to discussing and addressing these challenges and more with you next week at the HRPA 2012 Annual Conference & Trade Show!