Since 1996, we have partnered with numerous Canadian employers who have provided opportunities to underrepresented groups that helped change their lives.

Here are some of the FAQs that we get from our employers that would hopefully answer any questions you might have.

About our Program

What are the services do we offer?

Our Career Edge team works as an extension of your organization to help with any recruitment requirement, including but not limited to:

  • Working with you on the job requirements to fit you and your organization.
  • Figuring out the best recruitment solution that would fit you, whether it’s short-term, internship, co-op or direct hire for a full-time permanent position
  • Helping you tab into a hidden pool of highly skilled candidates often overlooked in the job market.
  • Supporting you in achieving DEI objectives with our big pool of candidates from different backgrounds to create a diverse and inclusive workforce culture that reflects your customers, consumers, and community.
  • Shortlist candidates and save your time and energy in screening 100s of resumes.
  • Handling the payroll and admin work for you.
  • Candidates sit on Career Edge’s payroll without affecting your headcount.
  • Supporting the interns before, during, and after their internship ends.
  • Designing tailored solutions to fit your budget and your requirements by incorporating flexible programs that complement your recruitment strategies and meet your needs and KPIs.

How much does it cost to post a job through Career Edge?

None. There is no cost to posting internship opportunities on our job board.

Payment is due when the intern starts their paid internship.

Which industries are Career Edge paid internships in?

While we have been partnering with employers from different industries, our paid internships are generally in office and business jobs, such as administration, business, finance, human resources, information technology, and public service, which most of our candidates have experience in.

Our candidates, however, don’t generally belong to trade or regulated jobs.

Most candidates in our database are IT professionals, Financial and tax, Human resources and Business analysis.

Who are Career Edge candidates?

We help underrepresented groups but we mainly focus on the 3 following groups:

  1. Recent graduates: Graduated within 3 years from a Canadian post-secondary institution.
  2. Skilled Newcomers: Have 3+ years of global experience and have been in Canada for 5 years or less.
  3. People with disabilities: Anyone with a disability with a Canadian postsecondary
    degree and requires accommodations to perform their best.

How long are Career Edge paid internships?

Our paid internships typically range from four to twelve months.

Why should you hire our candidates?

Career Edge has received 8,000+ new registrants in the last couple of years. Most of them are highly skilled, diverse, and equity-deserving candidates.

Our data also show that:

  • 90% Of Career Edge candidates come with a diverse international experience
  • 50% Of Career Edge candidates have a master’s degree or higher
  • 55% Of Career Edge candidates have at least 10 years of experience

Why work with Career Edge?

  • We act as your recruitment partner and an extension of your team.
  • We give employers access to 1000s of highly educated, highly skilled, and diverse candidates.
  • Our recruitment solution is cost-effective with no hidden fees. You can convert an intern to full-time at any time with no additional placement fee.
  • We pre-screen all candidates for English and communication skills, relevant work experience, and eligibility to work in Canada.
  • No payroll responsibilities. We administer all payroll services as all interns remain on the Career Edge payroll. Our employers receive only a monthly
    invoice; payment begins when an intern starts their internship.
  • Short-term contracts to assess candidates before committing to long-term contracts.
  • We design customized programs and flexible and low-risk recruitment solutions for employers.
  • We offer Career Edge Guarantee. If the internship doesn’t work out within the first six weeks, we’ll replace your intern at no additional cost.

Are Career Edge employers obligated to hire interns on full-time when the paid internship contract ends?

Although over 80% of the time, employers offer interns permanent full-time positions by the end of the internship duration,  it’s not an obligation, it’s 100% the employer’s decision.

Employers can assess the employer-employee fit without obligation beyond the agreed-upon internship length.

If an employer retains an intern as a full-time employee after their internship ends, there is no finder’s fee. We consider this a successful career launch!

Our Recruitment Process

How does Career Edge short-listing process work?

Career Edge Talent team does a phone screening of all applicants to ensure they have the language and soft skills, background and experience and that they are what the employer is looking for.

After that, they refer eligible candidates for an in-depth interview with the employer.

What is the turn around time from posting a requirement to hiring a candidate?

The Talent team at Career Edge takes 7-10 days to post a job and screen candidates to refer them to the employer for an interview process.

From this point onward, the time it takes depends on every job, the employer’s interview process, and whether or not a background check is needed.

Does Career Edge validate the legal eligibility and education credentials for the candidates?

Yes, we mandate that candidates upload their documents upon registration. Candidates can’t apply for jobs without first registering with us.

If we want to offer an intern a higher salary to match the market average, how does it work?

Any increase in pay will go directly to the intern’s paycheck to ensure that the intern is fairly paid—we don’t charge extra for it!

Do we offer background check services/reference checks?

Yes, we do. We work with third-party companies to run background checks we and do the reference checks as part of our process at no extra cost.

During the internship

How does payroll work in case of internship model?

Career Edge interns receive their pay through direct deposit every two weeks. Sometimes, Career Edge employers offer a higher salary, which goes into the intern’s payroll.

We administer all payroll services as all interns remain on the Career Edge payroll, allowing Career Edge employers to bypass typical payroll duties and receive only a monthly invoice.

How do employers accommodate a person with a disability?

Not all Interns with disabilities require job accommodations. Many job seekers struggle with disability disclosure and requesting accommodations, so we give our job seekers the option to register as people with disabilities to ensure their employer provides the necessary accommodations.

Accommodation examples:
Hard accommodations refer to assistive devices, adaptive aids, and adaptive technology.
Examples include:
● Close Circuit Television (CCTV)
25.08.2023 Coach handbook|4
● Teletype Writer (TTY)
● Voice synthesizer (JAWs or Window Eyes)
● Grab bars in washroom facilities
● Computer software that converts spoken words into text (Drag and Dictate ViaVoice)
● Specialized workplace furniture and peripheral equipment

Soft accommodations refer to intangible adjustments and may have no direct costs. Examples
● Revising tasks.
● Adjusting employee working hours to accommodate individual needs.
● Offer remote opportunities or Flexibility in schedules and procedures.
● Making policy changes to create more inclusive operations.

Our talent acquisition team coaches interns on disclosing their disability to their employer only if the intern makes that choice, and they work with employers to ensure accommodation requests are fulfilled.

What is the time-off policy for Career Edge interns?

  • Interns are entitled to the Statutory Holidays and vacation time stated in their contracts.
  • Default vacation policy: one week per six months (except in Saskatchewan, where Interns receive one-and-a-half weeks per six months).
  • Sick days: Interns are paid for the occasional sick day. They should provide a doctor’s note if they are sick for over three consecutive days. Apply your own organization’s sick day policy and record them on Career Edge’s website under the Intern’s profile.
  • Interns should be treated like “regular” employees, but there is one exception: they can take appropriate time off for job-seeking purposes (like interviewing). This occurs often toward the end of the internship. Time off should be booked directly with the Intern’s Supervisor.

How is overtime calculated?

Any time the intern works over the standard hours specified in the offer is considered overtime.

When the intern works overtime, they should email us the dates and the number of hours worked with their supervisor’s approval to your Career Edge representative. The payment should be made to the intern on the subsequent pay cycle and should be invoiced to the employer.

Is there a way to offer one-time bonus or performance-based incentive?

Yes, a one-time bonus can be added to the intern’s paycheck, and we’ll invoice you with the amount you want to offer.

What if the intern is not performing well, how do we go about it?

If you have any issues with your intern, treat the situation like you would with a regular employee. Discuss concerns and document them for future reference.

● Communicate the feedback with the intern.
● Create an action plan with objectives and consequences if progress isn’t made.
● If termination is necessary, contact your Career Edge representative.

Remember, interns can be let go “with just cause” without notice or “without just cause” with two weeks of pay in lieu of notice. During this process, consult your internal Human Resources professionals and your organization’s policies and procedures.

What is the procedure to extend an existing intern’s contract?

Contact your Career Edge representative to discuss the terms if you wish to convert your
Intern to a full-time employee or extend the contract beyond 12 months. Alternatively, you can email us at

What is the process for converting an intern to full-time?

Be sure to communicate with your Career Edge representative whether you want to convert an intern before or after the internship ends.

Once communicated, we will remove the Intern from our payroll, and your
organization can move forward with hiring plans. Be sure to notify Career Edge representative via email with a two-week notice before conversion.

How much does it cost to convert the intern to full-time?

There are no conversion fees after 4 months.

However, if you wish to convert them earlier than 4 months, we would prorate the admin fees.

Career Edge will send the Intern an extension of the contract letter, and your organization will be invoiced for the additional stipend amount.

If I decide to terminate an intern’s contract, how much notice is required?

If you decide to terminate an intern, be sure to contact your Career Edge representative with two weeks of pay in lieu of notice.

If you have more questions or would like to speak with us, contact us