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Mathew-and-MentorWhen you think of teaching, what comes to mind?

Classrooms…studios…lecture halls…young children…high school kids…university students…

Teaching can take many other forms, even after school because “school is temporary, learning lasts forever” so on Tuesday this week – National Teacher Appreciation Day – don’t forget to thank your mentor.

Ongoing coaching and mentoring is one of the four key pillars of Career Edge internships. As a Career Edge intern, you’re paired with a knowledgeable supervisor who can provide you with qualified training and guidance to succeed not only during, but after your internship as well.

Here are some Career Edge alumni who appreciated their time with their mentors:

“I had an executive-level mentor, and he made a conscious effort to expose me to different opportunities,” said Harrison Moon, Business Strategies Coordinator at CIBC in 1998.

“She made sure that I had fulfilling work that would allow me to expand my HR knowledge,” said Stacee Samuels, Recruit Coordinator at Rogers Communications Inc. in 2007.

“My mentors at Accenture gave me the opportunity to face new challenges and grow,” said Asher Zafar, Marketing Services Analyst at Accenture in 2009.

“It connected me with the right opportunity and the right people that mentored, coached, and developed me in every way possible…because of the incredible opportunities I was given to learn and explore, I discovered skills I didn’t even know I had,” said Ayesha Zubair, Administrative Coordinator of Diversity & Inclusion in Global Employment Strategies at Scotiabank in 2012.

And one Career Edge alumni, Matthew Devine, now finds himself on the other side of the mentor-mentee relationship. He completed a Human Resources internship at Hydro One Networks Inc. back in 2004, and has remained with the organization ever since.

“Career Edge was a shining beacon in the wasteland that was my job search. Now in my current role as Recruitment Manager, I am able to hire interns and give them the same opportunity I had to launch their careers.”

Still looking for a mentor? Register today to check out Career Edge’s exciting opportunities.

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San Francisco, San Diego, Orlando, Las Vegas, or New York City

Golden Gate Bridge. Comic-Con. Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Caesars Palace. Central Park.

With less than two months before the contest closing date, you can still earn a chance to visit one of these attractions by making an impact.

As an extra incentive to join the ongoing Hire 150 Interns project and accept the challenge, Career Edge is offering any organization – new or current – signing up to hire an intern between January 1 and June 30, an entry to win a trip courtesy of the HRPA. The trip includes two-night accommodations and roundtrip airfare for two (extended stays and additional guests can be easily booked) to any one of these cities: San Francisco, San Diego, Orlando, Las Vegas, or New York City.

As Canada’s first online job posting board, we are challenging employers to rally behind their respective Canadian industry to hire 150 interns through Career Edge in 2017. Currently, the Financial Services and Insurance sector leads all industries, with the Government, Education, and Not-for-Profit field close behind in second. The Media, Information Technology, and Communications sector places third.

Career Edge has helped thousands of Canadians successfully join the workforce, but we know we can do more. With your leadership and our expertise, we can lay the foundation for Canada’s future workforce, together. If you’re already a Career Edge employer partner but haven’t hired an intern in over two years, you can still enter to win.

Golden Gate Park. SeaWorld. Daytona Beach. Bellagio. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Make an impact, and (you could) check one of these off the bucket list!

Visit today to accept the challenge and see how many interns your organization’s industry has hired in 2017.

Follow #Canada150Interns on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated.

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As the unofficial new grad job-hunt month continues, read about the initiatives of Career Edge’s host employers appearing on Canada’s Top Employers for Young People (2017) below.

If you’re a new graduate who is interested in starting your career with one of these leading employers, register today to check out Career Edge’s exciting opportunities. Career Edge recently placed an intern who was less than three months out of school at RBC as a Junior Business Analyst.

Accenture developed a mobile application for interviews. The app includes scheduling notifications, the position summary, the recruiter, and interviewing advice.

CIBC manages a variety of rotational programs for students and paid internship programs in different fields.

Hydro One provides a two-year new grad program and created outreach initiatives to generate awareness of engineering as a career.

Manulife offers paid internships in finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, and other fields. They organize events with the executive team and job-shadowing.

Ontario Public Service manages paid internships, and provides mentorship programs and networking opportunities.

RBC offers paid internships and rotational programs across various divisions. They provide one-on-one mentorship, community engagement experiences, and professional networking opportunities to build connections.

Rogers provides paid internships and rotational programs in different business units.

TD offers paid internships providing mentorship and networking opportunities, and annual gatherings.

Regional Municipality of York provides rotational programs and paid internships in finance, IT, and other fields. They offer incremental pay raises as skills, knowledge, and experience grow.

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2000 - Sharon HoggTo celebrate National Tell a Story Day (April 27), we’d like to share the story of Sharon Hogg:

Sixteen-and-a-half years.

That’s how long ago Sharon Hogg started her Career Edge internship at CIBC. That’s also how long she’s been working at CIBC.

After completing a six-month Career Edge internship as a Compensation Analyst at CIBC back in April 2001, Sharon never left.

In her 16-and-a-half-year career, she climbed the corporate ladder, holding various analyst positions and managerial roles. She lists ‘Director of Asset Management’ as her current title on LinkedIn.

After graduating with an MBA from York’s Schulich School of Business, Sharon had a goal – to work in the financial service industry. What she didn’t have? Work experience.

Sharon considers her Career Edge internship as “a great stepping stone” to her CIBC career.

“Career Edge was the start that I needed.”

Dating back to the first hire in 1997, Career Edge has placed almost 300 interns at CIBC, with more than half retained full-time and well on their way to a 16-and-a-half-year career like Sharon’s.

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With the new year in full swing, we are doubling our efforts to break down employment barriers for those facing challenges in joining the Canadian workforce. With that in mind, we are asking business leaders, community partners, and alumni ambassadors to join our efforts by:

  1. Becoming an advocate for Career Edge
    Share our story with as many people as possible; word of mouth will help us gain more host employers, helping to launch even more careers.
  1. Following and supporting our social media activities
    Are you a Career Edge alum? Join our LinkedIn and Facebook Alumni Network groups to connect with other Alumni, and to stay informed about networking events and advocacy opportunities.
  1. Hosting a breakfast event at your organization
    We’ll provide the breakfast; you introduce us to your organization by inviting key stakeholders and leaders to a breakfast meeting where we can present who we are, what we do, and why it matters.
  1. Introducing us to a key influencer in your personal directory
    Know someone that would be interested in working with Career Edge? Help connect us to them by completing the influencer referral form
  1. Hiring an intern
    You can post a job and hire an intern directly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with us directly at 416.977.3343, or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to stay in the know of our latest news and updates.


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We are proud to be celebrating 20 years of helping candidates overcome barriers to employment and launch their careers through paid internships.

Founded in 1996, Career Edge was conceived by a group of private sector business leaders, gathered by the late civic visionary David Pecaut, who is well-known for the creation of Career Edge, CivicAction, and Luminato. Urban Joseph, former Vice-Chairman of the Toronto Dominion Bank, worked closely with Pecaut when designing Career Edge as a way to help young graduates successfully transition into the workforce, and improve the youth unemployment crisis of the mid-1990’s.

As Canada’s first online job posting board, Career Edge quickly gained endorsements from members of the federal government including Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin, and Frank McKenna who would become Honorary Chair of Career Edge in 1998.

Jean Chrétien and Urban Joseph shake hands in 1997, symbolizing the partnership between Career Edge and the federal government.

“With the support of the Chrétien government, Canadian business leaders, and the vision of David Pecaut, Career Edge was born. Career Edge’s mandate was to reduce youth unemployment, which it did and continues to do, but we need to do more,” said Urban Joseph, who is now Honorary Board Chair Emeritus for Career Edge.

Since 1996, Career Edge has helped launch close to 13,000 careers and continues to help people find experiential learning opportunities that lead to meaningful employment, having expanded our internship program to serve graduates with disabilities, newcomers to Canada, and Canadian Armed Forces Reservists.

Last year alone, 70% of Career Edge interns secured full-time positions following their internship, generating over $7,000,000 in new permanent wages for the Canadian economy. “We are proud of the success we’ve achieved over the years,” says Anne MacPhee, Acting President and Chief Operating Officer of Career Edge. “Our socio-economic impact is significant, but we know our work isn’t done yet. Youth, people with disabilities, new immigrants, and members of Canada’s military still face employment challenges, and we’re committed to helping them succeed.”

We will formally celebrate our 20th Anniversary at the Delta Hotel in Toronto on Monday December 5, 2016. Featuring Toronto Mayor John Tory as Keynote Speaker, the gala will reunite business executives from our founding and charter member organizations, while bringing together other employer, government, and community champions who have partnered with us to help launch careers in Canada.

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We know that Career Edge candidates are dedicated and motivated individuals who are always looking to add great value to their employers and host organizations. For this issue, we are thrilled to showcase the success stories of two such candidates.

Ontario Die International Inc. first connected with Career Edge in the fall of 2015 through the RBC Associate Host Program; a program that helps RBC’s small and medium-sized business clients connect with exceptional internationally qualified talent, while leveraging RBC’s contribution towards the cost of facilitating a 6-month internship. An organization located in the industrial area of Kitchener, Ontario Die International was facing challenges in finding qualified IT talent to fill their key technology role. In comes Anila Pathak. Anila, who registered for the Career Edge program earlier in September 2015, applied to the organization’s IT role. Due to her advanced technical background and skill-set, as well as her willingness and dedication to commute to Kitchener, she successfully secured the 6-month internship. During her internship, Anila became such a strong asset to the organization, where not only was her placement extended an additional 6 months, but she was hired permanently at Ontario Die International!

Another employer who experienced our candidates’ drive first-hand is North Bay-based Ontario Northland. Karen Chamberlain, HR Business Partner at Ontario Northland, was looking to backfill a year-long HR role. With a limited budget, tight timelines, and a non-metropolitan location, finding the right talent proved challenging — until Karen, who also proctors for the HRPA Comprehensive Knowledge Exams, connected with Maureen Alexander following a recent exam writing session. Maureen expressed how difficult it was to find employment opportunities with her limited HR experience. She also shared her involvement with the HRPA Edge program, which allows employers to connect with and recruit quality HR graduates cost-effectively, without adding to their organization’s headcount. Enticed by HRPA Edge’s flexible, low-risk internship model, Karen connected with us to learn more about the program. We are delighted to share that Karen not only signed-up for our program, but also posted the role on our board, interviewed Maureen, and hired her for the role in only 3 days. Maureen starts her internship today.

If you want to share your success story with a Career Edge intern or employer partner, or you wish to connect with exceptional, dedicated, and motivated talent like Anila and Maureen, contact us or your Career Edge representative today!

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September was a busy month for Career Edge. We had the privilege of attending many events hosted by our partners in the business community, and explored new ways to achieve our shared mandate of putting diverse, qualified talent to work.

We showed our support at ACCES Employment’s Annual General Meeting, as they celebrated 30 years of helping newcomers successfully integrate into the Canadian job market.
The Career Edge team out and about in September.
At Treble Victor Group’s Veterans On Bay Streetevent, we made new connections with employers looking to build or strengthen their military recruitment initiatives through our Canadian Armed Forces Reservists’ Paid Internship Program.
We joined RBC as they hosted a recruiting/ networking event where over 80 candidates with disabilities met with RBC recruiters and hiring managers, learned about RBC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, accommodations and the Pursue your Potential (PyP)program, as well as explored the opportunities available through Career Edge.
At Planning for Canada‘s Consultative Conference, we discussed ways to advance the effectiveness of pre-arrival services for prospective immigrants, with Career Edge internships playing an important role in enabling internationally qualified professionals to secure jobs before, or shortly after arriving in Canada.
Our partnership with Planning for Canada (formerly the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program and Canadian Orientation Abroad) has enabled us to build a solid pipeline to amazing global talent, and support their settlement in various locations across Canada.
If you are looking for newcomers – or candidates from our other talent groups – to join your organization, or if you are interested in discussing a strategic partnership, contact us today.
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Since launching the Canadian Armed Forces Reservists Paid Internship Program, we have had the opportunity to visit Reservists at the companies where they are completing their internships, and have heard nothing but good things, from the Reservists and their employers alike.

Some of the reservists who have secured sustainable internship opportunities through Career Edge’s CAF Reservists’ Paid Internship Program. From left: Roy L., Craig S., Andres L.

Our employer partners have shared with us how impressed they are with their interns’ performance, and are looking for other opportunities to have more Reservists join their teams. The good news is, September is one of the best months to start hiring Reservists.

Many Primary reservists attend training courses through the summer months, and after spending a few weeks away at Canadian Forces training centres, Reservists return in September, ready to work in corporate civilian occupations that allow them to leverage the portable skills they have augmented through their training, such as leadership, communications, teamwork, and time management.

If you’re looking for Reservists to join your team, contact us.

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Last time on InternSHIFT, we introduced our newest internship program for Canadian Armed Forces Reservists, speaking to various stakeholders who all share the common goal of helping Reservists launch their civilian careers in Canada.

For Episode 2, we were inspired to look at Generation Y from a few different angles after reading a 24 Hours Toronto article that upheld the perception that new grads have a weak work ethic, poor attendance, and are just not ready for the workforce.

For recent grads, these stereotypes can thwart their attempts to secure employment, as some employers – like those mentioned in the article – are less inclined to bring GenY/Millennial employees on board.

But this issue is not new. In fact, it’s the reason Career Edge exists. So we invited a few subject matter experts to join us for this episode to talk about the skills and benefits that GenY DOES bring to the workforce, and the ways employers can unlock talents that are often overshadowed by stereotypes:

  • Lisa Leitch: Sales Strategist, Trainer & Coach with Teneo Results helps us understand Millennials’ working style, and how new grads can be groomed for a career in sales
  • R. Brian Robson: Project Manager for Ryerson University’s ADaPT program speaks to the type of education and training that new grads are bringing to the digital economy
  • Our Intern of the Year Sunny Vykunthan – joined by his mentor Liz Carreiro – shares his experience as a new grad working at RBC, while outlining the aspects of his internship that contributed to his success

Tune in now…

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