Launching careers for Canadian Armed Forces Reservists.

Supported by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), in partnership with the Department of National Defence (DND), the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Reservists’ Paid Internship Program is aimed at helping members of Canada’s Primary Reserve force secure paid internship opportunities that align with their civilian career goals, while also enabling them to continue serving their local reserve unit.

I’m an employer focused on strengthening my military recruitment strategy.


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I’m a reservist seeking career-related civilian employment opportunities.



We have assembled a specialized team that is dedicated to helping reservists find meaningful, civilian roles with companies that value their exceptional levels of training and transferable skills.

Marcus Yaeger

Project Officer

Marcus specializes in understanding the needs of multi-sector organizations and the ways CAF reservists can fulfill their business objectives. As an active reservist with the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada (RHFC), Marcus knows firsthand what his fellow reservists can bring to civilian employers.

David Calconi C.D.

Senior Recruitment Officer

David leads all of the recruitment and outreach activities for the CAF Reservists' Paid Internship Program. Along with a natural talent for coaching and training, David brings over 16 years of diverse service as a CAF Reservist to Career Edge, as well as the necessary comprehension and skills to connect the right people with compatible employers.

Jay Yakabowich

VP, Marketing & Business Development

Prior to his transition into the private sector, Jay served in the Canadian Armed Forces as both a reservist and regular forces member. Since then, he has held several senior level leadership positions in North American firms, including Artificial Intelligence In Medicine, Friesens Corporation, Jostens and Renaissance Learning.



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This program is funded in part by the government of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy.