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Most post-secondary students finish school with regrets – don’t be one of them! Make sure you complete this list before graduation:

It’s perfectly fine to not know what you want after graduation. Embrace the uncertainty, do some planning, and keep an open mind for opportunities.

Join an industry student group to work with and make lifelong connections with like-minded individuals. You could get free access to industry professionals and event opportunities. There are other cool clubs and activities to participate in, like campus radio, campus newspaper, or intramurals.

Visit the career centre early and get to know them. If you’re a friendly and familiar face, they’re more likely to send you positions BEFORE the jobs are advertised to all students.

Start your job search early! The process is grueling, daunting, and long, but starting early will give you a competitive advantage and possibly relieve stress.

APPLY! APPLY! APPLY! If you like free money, look for bursaries or scholarships. What do you lose by applying? Not money.

Check ALL your emails. Don’t miss a single correspondence. You never know what you may find – free opportunities, events, scholarships, experiential learning, trips, student groups, invitations to connect, jobs…

Attend as many events and workshops as possible. They’re free or discounted for students. After school, the best events are priced much higher.

Gain worldly experience and have a cool interview story to tell by studying abroad. Expose yourself to new cultures, lifestyles, and opportunities that boost your resume in an increasingly globalized employment landscape.

If you’re considering postgraduate studies, start the research early. The deadlines are sooner than you think and it’s already too late for some when they’ve decided.

Make time for your friends and family, and food. A healthy school-life balance helps could improve your mental health and academic performance. And remember to eat right – many schools have a campus food bank if you need assistance.

If your professors offer office hours, visit them! You may need them for a reference or letter of recommendation in the future.

It’s stressful finding a healthy balance. You need to get good grades, to graduate, and to get a job, but DO NOT FORGET to have FUN. These are some of the best years of your life!