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5 steps to becoming an employer-of-choice

By February 10, 2010August 6th, 2019Uncategorized

For our latest quarterly e-Newsletter, CareerBulletin, employment branding experts, Tamm, contributed an article on becoming an employer-of-choice.

Ciabh McEvenue, Managing Director at Tamm, provides some great tips including:

1. Know who you are – storytelling is key, according to Ciabh, who encourages employers to come out of hiding from “behind a veneer of business language,” and show personality.

2. Engage your talent – who better to tell your story than your own people? Ciabh (pronounced “Keeve,” by the way) points out that when your own people are recruiting or referring from within their personal and professional networks, engagement and retention go up.

3. Invest in tools – Ciabh lists an authentic employee value proposition, targeted marketing materials and memorable communications among recruiting tools that are a must in effective employer branding.

4. Speak up – Here, Ciabh encourages a good deployment strategy including:

  • investing in advertising in relevant media
  • motivating employee ambassadors
  • optimizing your organizational website
  • engaging in a meaningful, accessible way with your audience through events, social networking/media, and relevant professional forums

5. Keep at it – Commitment is key and Ciabh suggests identifying efficient, low-cost alternatives to traditional advertising to “keep your story circulating.”

Click here to read the full article. Thank you Tamm for this practical and well-written piece!

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