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Showered with study sessions at the library, only to write exams resembling nothing like what your professors suggested, while distracted by other students coughing in the test centre?

Spent late nights and early mornings writing essays, surviving on coffee and energy drinks, while trying to remember everything you crammed in the last four months in a few hours?

Are you a recent graduate?

Treat yourself with a job in which you’ll use what you learned in school, working for an award-winning, Canadian company, recognized for their commitment to youth and diversity.

Our talent acquisition team will help connect you to a paid, work-integrated learning experience that fits your field of study, skill set, and career choice. You’ll receive video-screening assistance, resume advice, recommended postings, in-person interview preparation (when applicable), and one-on-one guidance and consultation.

Through our hands-on approach and your Career Edge paid internship, your professional career will blossom faster than the summertime flowers.

Did You Know? Career Edge paid internships typically range from four months to one year. They feature four key pillars: coaching/mentoring, work-integrated learning, industry knowledge transfer, and networking. Last year, we launched more than 500 careers, with four in five interns securing meaningful, full-time employment within three months of completing their placement. In two-plus decades, Career Edge’s alumni network has grown to more than 13,000. Visit our job board to check out the current opportunities to launch your career!