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Handshaking Etiquette

By | Job Seeker
Recently graduated or moved to Canada? If you’re going on interviews or attending networking events (or meeting your future in-laws at weekend brunch), you must master the art of handshaking. In recognition of National Handshake Day, our team offers their best handshaking etiquette tips, so never again will you lose the job before the interview even begins. Read More


When Entry-Level Jobs Require Years of Experience

By | General, Job Seeker

When the number of candidates far exceeds the number of entry-level positions, we’re left with underemployed and unemployed recent graduates.

A report published by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario in 2014 revealed that less than one-quarter of employers posting entry-level positions would consider hiring a candidate with no experience, and that most of these employers required at least one year.

It’s no surprise a follow-up study discovered that close to 60 per cent of entry-level hires had three or more years of experience.

How does a recent graduate compete?

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internship checklist

Things I Won’t Do on My Internship… and Things I Will Do

By | Job Seeker


ignore my employer’s onboarding process and work culture, or skip company events…
I WILL follow procedures and attend events to acclimate myself.


book vacations before consulting with my supervisor, or consistently ask for non-essential leave of absences because I know my supervisor can’t grant every request...
I WILL ask my supervisor for an extended leave when it’s necessary.
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Getting Hired Before Graduation

By | Alumni, Job Seeker

Almost every graduating student knows a classmate who’s secured a job before graduation. How do they do it? They start early, like Domenic Sgambelluri, Career Edge’s Alumni of the Month for October 2017.

Before his exams began, his internship coordinator posted a role through Career Edge.

Two weeks later, he signed a contract.

On the first Monday after classes finished, he became Loblaw Companies’ newest talent acquisition specialist. Read More


Conferences and Trade Shows

By | Job Seeker

If you frequent networking events often and plan to attend industry conferences and events, you’ll always want to make sure that you make a good impression. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your visit and experience: Read More

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