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new grad recruitment

New Grad Campus Recruitment Cycle

By For Students, Jobseeker

September is in 6 days! In my line of work as a Career Consultant at a university, that means life is about to be BUSY! As planning for fall recruitment continues, I realized that more often than not, I meet with students who have missed the campus new grad recruitment deadlines and now have to play catch up! So, I would like to outline what those timelines look like!

[This week’s blog comes from Ibiyemi Balogun, a career consultant at Ryerson University and former talent manager at Career Edge.] Read More


Your Elevator Pitch

By Jobseeker

In recognition of National Talk in an Elevator Day tomorrow, we’re discussing what makes a strong elevator pitch. It’s called the elevator pitch because you should be able to finish your pitch in the span of a typical elevator ride. While most people stand in silence or browse on their phone, these are occasional opportunities to make an introduction and connection with someone new in an elevator ride – however, you’ll often deliver your elevator pitch at a networking event, job fair, interview, or on your LinkedIn profile. Read More

two people speaking in a coffee shop

How to Get an Informational Interview

By Jobseeker

Informational interviews aren’t about getting a job. They’re opportunities to learn inside information from someone more experienced about a role, field, or company that you can’t find through online research. Sometimes, they result in getting a job, but approaching an informational interview with that single expectation will likely result in disappointment. Read More