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Attract The Right “Fit” With Your Company’s Culture

By September 1, 2015February 5th, 2024Workplace Culture

In its Code of Conduct, Google self-identifies as a dog company. Zappos, online shoes and clothes retailer, considers creating “fun and a little weirdness” one of its company core values. Virgin allows its staff to take as many vacation days as they want. These three companies, who have been consistently voted as some of the best companies to work at, are among the many employers who are striving to effectively define their company’s corporate culture, in order to attract and retain the right kind of talent for their organization.

Creating and communicating a company culture that positively reflects your organization boils down to one critical question: what does the organization value above all else?

By identifying the key principals and standards that the organization upholds, employers are able to foster a company culture that not only showcases these values, but also aligns with the overall corporate image. As one of Zappos’s core values is creating “fun and a little weirdness,” for example, it can be assumed that its corporate culture is non-traditional, open and creative.

Why is corporate culture important?

Identifying and showcasing an organization’s corporate culture allows employers to:

  • Attract candidates with the right fit: candidates are more inclined to work at companies that share their key principals and attitudes.
  • Grow employee loyalty: Since the organization’s and employees’ values are aligned, the employee is more invested and connected to the organization.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity: clarity in the company’s corporate culture and core values aids in avoiding projects that are not the right fit for the organization, which results in greater productivity and efficiency since all employees are working towards the same goal.

How to communicate your company culture:

  • Include the company’s core values on your organization’s Careers and/or About Us webpage(s).
  • Ask unique questions on job postings or during interviews (e.g., Asking a candidate to name their favourite board game can reveal a lot about their personality and analytical abilities).
  • Promote corporate activities (e.g., team building events, company retreats) on social media profiles.

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