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Jumana Baker

Celebrating Black History Month

By Events and news

February 1st marks the start of Black History Month – a time where we celebrate and honour the achievements, stories, and legacy of Black Canadians. We are invited to learn about the contributions Black Canadians and their communities have made and continue to make within our society.

“Coming from a place where there are many ways in which African culture and festivals are celebrated, it is interesting to know that contributions made by people of African descent are recognized and celebrated in Canada as well.”

– Lola Pitan, Talent Specialist, Career Edge

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New Year Resolutions

By Events and news
For many of us, the New Year is a chance to not only reset and reflect on the year that passed, but also to set goals, create milestones, and plan for growth over the next 365 days. Considering the eventful, tumultuous, exhausting (and sometimes confusing) last couple of years, mental health, self-care, and work-life balance has shot-up the resolution lists for a lot of us. As for organizations and employers, taking care of their employees and ensuring a healthy and safe work environment will continue to be the priority for the year to come.

For Career Edge, welcoming the year of 2022 meant continuing our mission of creating meaningful, valuable, transforming, life-changing internship opportunities that empower individuals and launch careers that matter. As an organization, this is what we’re committing to for the year to come: Read More

Why is Career Edge is so important to me? By Jumana Baker

By Success Story

Read Jumana’s story, from a new grad to an essential part of Career Edge.




Jumana Baker

Marketing Design Specialist


My story with Career Edge started when I graduated from school. I had just finished four grueling years of studying, assignments, tests, projects and now I had to go out into the real world and find real employment. Only problem was, I had no idea how.

Everyone kept talking about networking and leveraging your family’s and your parents’ networks, making connections that way. Well, I’m an immigrant and so are my parents. We had moved to Canada when I first started university, so we were still rebuilding our lives and setting down roots. And at that point, my parents’ network that I could have leveraged was currently residing on the other side of the planet, so the family network was out.

So, I just started applying to positions. And, as many, many, many people have experienced, I didn’t hear back – that was fun…


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Self-Care During COVID-19

By Health and Safety in the work place

Prioritizing your mental health is vital, now more than ever, with dwindled social interactions, social distancing restrictions and closures, and constant (and sometimes stressful) pandemic news updates.

With many organizations now offering their services online to follow social-distancing recommendations, taking a moment for self-care, your mental health and well-being has become a little easier.

Here are some self care resources and activities to help you stay well:

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Hiring During a Global Pandemic

By Employer

With the COVID-19 global pandemic, many businesses’ recruitment goals have drastically changed overnight. Some organizations are working through significantly increased demand for their products and services. Others are shifting their business operations to help support other in-demand industries. And most have closed their stores and offices in favor of e-commerce and work-from-home arrangements, prioritizing and urging for digital transformation.

Presented with the challenge of addressing the emerging and urgent business needs, while following social distancing recommendations, having a seamless remote recruitment strategy is more important than ever.

So how do you do it? Read More


Employee Engagement

By Employer

It’s time to tackle employee engagement. Conduct your research and gather strategies to boost team morale and maximize productivity.

Implement flex hours? Give extra vacation days? Team competitions and contests outside the office? All great ideas, but alone, they won’t work long-term. Rewards and perks are wonderful to offer, but that’s all they are: rewards and perks – temporary stopgaps designed to slow the drowning of a disengaged team sinking deeper and deeper. Think of the time Bart Simpson clogged the flooding submarine’s pinhole leak with his new, fancy earring – but in this scenario, you have a cantaloupe-shaped crack with only an Employee of the Week plaque in hand. Read More


Remembrance Day

By CAF, General
A thin layer of black velvet, interlocked in another of red, held together by a two-inch, silver pin, creating a symbol of remembrance.

It’s worn on the left lapel, close to the heart, to remember, recognize, and honour those who lost their lives while serving our country. Read More


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Human Resources Professionals Association

In 2012, Career Edge partnered with HRPA to launch HRPA Edge, a paid internship program designed with the Human Resources professional in mind. This innovative internship program combines Career Edge’s proven success in launching meaningful careers and HRPA’s leading expertise in the HR industry.

I’m an employer looking to enhance my workforce and connect with exceptional HR talent

I’m a CHRP candidate looking to launch a fulfilling career in HR


HRPA Edge provides employers with a low risk, cost-effective recruitment solution that enables them to enhance and evolve their workforce, and connect with exceptional HR talent.

HRPA Edge can help your organization:

Boost its short-term HR capability without adding headcount

Save time and resources on admin processes as all intern administration is facilitated by Career Edge and HRPA

Reduce the financial risks of hiring a new HR professional

Try an employee before making an offer and save on recruiting costs

How it works

Consult wth us to identify which of your roles are suitable for an HRPA Edge internship.

Post your internship opportunity to and monitor candidate applications.

Review Talent Screening videos of shortlisted candidates.

Conduct interviews and hire your preferred candidate.

“Finding a job after graduation makes you feel like a small fish in a big pond – countless opportunities but hard to stand out in the crowd. With my internship through HRPA Edge, I was able to get the experience I needed to find my next role but also identify my passion for recruitment! My host organization was an amazing place to work and allowed me to bridge all the theory I learned in school with what it takes to be successful in the workplace. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this alumni group!”

Natalie Pedrosa
Recruiter, Talent Acquisition, Indigo
Career Edge Alumna


HRPA Edge connects CHRP candidates like you with meaningful and fulfilling internship opportunities to help launch successful careers in HR. This paid internship program helps you:

  • Open the door to your career
    As an extension of your education, a paid internship can increase your chances of finding a role that is congruent with your field of study and area of interest.
  • Strengthen your skill-set
    Add to your list of skills and accomplishments to set yourself up for greater success.
  • Find the right fit
    Assess your career path and find an employer with the right corporate culture to support your professional goals.
  • Gain Real Work Experience
    Join a leading organization to obtain meaningful work experience.

  • Develop your personal and professional network
    Get introduced to various individuals, departments and divisions within your targeted industry and field.
  • Benefit from mentorship
    Each Career Edge intern receives a coach who helps guide him/her through the internship experience.
  • Enhance professional qualities
    Strengthen your “soft skills”, such as teamwork, communication, problem solving and professionalism.

Who is eligible

HRPA Edge is open to all CHRP members. To register, candidates also must:

Have recently (within 3 years) graduated from an accredited college or university

Have little or no career-related work experience

Be legally able to work in Canada

How it works

Register and upload your résumé.

Record your responses to a few short interview questions using our online video platform.

Learn more

Consult with a Recruiter at Career Edge while we review and process your application.

Apply to positions that interest you on our internship board.

The HRPA Edge paid internship program is managed and administered in partnership with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA).

Military Recruitment Strategy INFOGRAPHIC


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