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Shahab Alam

By Alumni, CAF


Career Edge Role: Business Management Analyst at TD Bank Group

Alumni of the Month: November

“I underestimated the transferability of skills that could be brought to the workplace from seven years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces, doing what I loved in the infantry. I realized I was utilizing project management skills everyday in the military, and could translate them into an amazing career in IT Project Management.

I worked with Career Edge to sell myself with these skills and found an amazing internship with TD Bank as a Business Management Analyst. This position had me working with a mentor within a completely new industry, coaching me to become successful in the IT field.

Following my internship, I was offered a position that required three to five years of experience. I only had one. I’m now on my way to a rewarding civilian career, still doing what I love.”

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The Career Edge CAF Team


Every Remembrance Day, we honour the courageous men and women serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, helping to preserve our longstanding values and beliefs. We’d like to honour and express gratitude to our own Career Edge team members who have served, or are currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. Here are their stories: Read More

canadian armed forces

Serving Our Country: From Military Service to Civilian Employment

By CAF, Employer

“I was able to bring a unique set of skills and experiences to my civilian employer,” said Roy Liang.

Two years ago, as the Canadian Armed Forces Reservists’ paid internship program’s inaugural hire, Roy completed a six-month, paid internship on Apotex’s talent acquisition team. He successfully integrated into the civilian workforce and launched his career.

As did Andres Lapena at RBC. And Ian Kroetsch at Tjene. And many other Canadian Armed Forces Reservists serving our country. Read More


Remembrance Day

By CAF, General
A thin layer of black velvet, interlocked in another of red, held together by a two-inch, silver pin, creating a symbol of remembrance.

It’s worn on the left lapel, close to the heart, to remember, recognize, and honour those who lost their lives while serving our country. Read More


Almost Five Thousand (sort of!) New Candidates

By CAF, Employer

After completing summer training courses and exercises, approximately 4,600 job seekers from the Canadian Primary Reserves have returned with refined skills in communication, leadership, and time management.

Ex-military member Wes O’Donnell considers veterans as “the best-kept secret in business.” On LinkedIn, he wrote about their creative and calm performance under extreme pressure, leadership experiences at many levels, unwavering integrity, and determination to achieve goals. Read More

Canadian Armed Forces

Success Story: Ryan Vine

By CAF, Success Story

“Without having a resume complete with relevant, recent, civilian experience, I would have likely encountered significantly more difficulty in securing a career.”

After his Career Edge internship at Scotiabank, Ryan Vine immediately secured a full-time position.

With approximately one decade of service as a Canadian Armed Forces Reservist, Ryan transferred the skills he developed as Section Commander (Team Leader) in the military, to his role as Recruitment Consultant – Diversity Recruitment at Scotiabank. Read More


Why hire a Canadian Armed Forces Reservist?

By CAF, Employer

Does your organization or team lack a competitive edge?
Need someone disciplined and reliable, who can work in a fast-paced, pressure-filled environment with time management skills? Someone who can adapt on-the-fly and has experience managing teams through leadership and instructional experiences? A quick-thinker and quick-learner who can follow instructions and accept constructive criticism with a positive attitude? Someone who can seamlessly integrate into your organization or team to provide that competitive edge?

Project Manager David Calconi, C.D., has served as a Reservist for over 18 years. He recognizes the value they offer to employers.
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