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After completing summer training courses and exercises, approximately 4,600 CAF candidates or job seekers from the Canadian Primary Reserves have returned with refined skills in communication, leadership, and time management.

Ex-military member Wes O’Donnell considers veterans as “the best-kept secret in business.” On LinkedIn, he wrote about their creative and calm performance under extreme pressure, leadership experiences at many levels, unwavering integrity, and determination to achieve goals. He also addressed misconceptions of CAF or military members: foul-mouthed, non-transferable skills, and combat-exclusive experience.

Many Reservists CAF candidates hold post-secondary degrees, and are well-suited for junior leadership positions in industries such as: business, human resources, recruitment, and customer service.

Project Manager David Calconi, C.D., has served as a Reservist for over 18 years. He recognizes the competitive advantage they bring.

“Hiring a Reservist is an investment for your team’s success. Reservists arrive on the job with a heightened sense of duty and loyalty – cornerstones of a dedicated employee…they’re trained to put the mission first while keeping morale high.”

Trouble filling a position?

You’ve got almost five thousand candidates. They’re ready, qualified, and seeking a civilian role.


[Editor’s Note: If you’re a Reservist attending the CAF Canada Army Run in Ottawa on September 17, look out for Career Edge’s vendor booth to learn how you can launch your civilian career. And if you’re an employer interested in hiring a Reservist, keep an eye out for Career Edge’s upcoming #CAFDay on social media!]