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Success Story

Success Story: Harkanwal Sra

By | Alumni, Success Story

Harkanwal Sra is a skilled newcomer from India who arrived in Canada in February. After completing only two months of his one-year Career Edge paid internship at Bell as a wireless accessories planning analyst, the award-winning telecommunications company hired him as a full-time, permanent employee. Harkanwal holds a Bachelor of Technology from Punjab Technical University and an MBA from the University of Oregon. Read More

Success Story: Rohan Thakkar

By | Alumni, Success Story

Rohan Thakkar is a skilled newcomer from India. Upon completion of his four-month Career Edge paid internship at Celestica as a tax analyst, he’ll remain at the multinational electronics manufacturing servicer as a full-time, permanent employee. Rohan holds a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting and finance, and a certificate in taxation. Read More

RBC: National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week

By | Alumni, Success Story

Nicola Henry, a skilled newcomer to Canada from Kingston, Jamaica, completed her Career Edge paid internship at RBC as a loan servicing analyst. After only two months into her six-month internship, RBC converted Nicola to a full-time, permanent employee. This is her letter of appreciation to her mentor Monica Downer, the RBC team, and everyone else who helped make it happen: Read More

RBC: Stacie Celinscak

By | Employer, Success Story


Stacie Celinscak, Department Manager – Lease Transaction Management, on intern Vathsala Carvalho

December | Mentor

“Sometimes the greatest assets are the ones that come to us via different avenues! In this particular circumstance Vathsala Carvalho came to RBC with an audit and finance background moving from Sri Lanka to Canada and within four weeks of her move, she was offered a contract with the Equipment Finance Solutions Centre in Burlington. Once Vathsala arrived the dynamics within the department changed with her unique approach and personality; she took to learning leasing immediately and with her financial skillset, knowledge and background quickly made her something special whom stood out and we certainly took notice!

Vathsala’s proactive behaviours combined with her background kick-started her burgeoning RBC career and she shone from the very start and Vathsala consistently provides a high level of service day in and day out. She is always accessible to discuss and review transactions and is very eager to engage directly with clients to resolve outstanding items and keep transactions moving forward. Regardless of the challenges, stress or workload, Vathsala always remains calm, professional and cheerful when engaging with internal or external partners and our clients. Vathsala’s willingness to go above and beyond to support the team has been demonstrated on many occasions wherein she has stepped in to support other LTM team members and stayed late at work to ensure that our client’s transactions are processed in a timely manner. Vathsala manages the Equipment Finance Specialists extremely well, so well that she has zero escalations and minimal rushes. This is an extreme feat within a high velocity division and Vathsala has stepped up to this challenge each and every day and makes herself accountable for all aspects of her day-to-day workflow.

Vathsala has truly gained some invaluable experience since the move to Canada and RBC has gained an outstanding employee who was eager to learn coupled with an amazing personality and proactive attitude. The experience Vathsala gained and the networking within RBC was dual-sided, we provided an opportunity to an up and coming employee and received an outstanding worker who assisted with a resourcing gap within the department who was such a remarkable fit that was offered full-time once her contract was completed and continues to be a top performer and is already after only a year deemed a Senior Lease Transaction Manager. We continue to look forward to the opportunities and challenges that we will provide Vathsala as she continues to raise the bar for her success as well as the success of RBC.”


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Maahi Verma

By | Alumni, Success Story


Career Edge Internship: Global Talent Coordinator, Manulife

“Submitting my profile on Career Edge was the best decision I had taken when I was struggling with my job search in Canada. Despite holding a Masters degree along with a Global certification in my stream, it was extremely challenging to receive even a phone call from a recruiter.

The internship that I got through Career Edge was with Manulife, and it was not just a job but was a meaningful HR role where I was able to use my skills and grow them. This also provided me with networking opportunities within the organization that helped me build my network.

I recommend Career Edge program to every new immigrant I come across. Thank you Career Edge for being the biggest stepping stone of my career in Canada.”


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Frum Development: Michele Murphy

By | Employer, Success Story


Michele Murphy, Vice President, Operations, on intern Nikita Henriques

November | Mentor

“Nikita is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is highly dependable, always professional and courteous and full of enthusiasm even when she must deal with difficult situations. Her ability to take direction and run with it to resolve problems is fantastic. We are very lucky to have her as part of our organization!”


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Harshdeep Singh

By | Alumni, Success Story


Career Edge Internship: Recruitment Consultant, Rogers

“For a new immigrant like me, finding a job related to my field of study was always a task which not all are able to achieve easily. It was a difficult one for me as well as before I found Career Edge I had managed to find a contract job in a bank which had nothing to do with my experience or my area of education and was more like something to get my foot in the door.

Career Edge gave me an opportunity to showcase my talent and I was able to grab the first opportunity that came my way for an internship at Rogers Communications as a Recruitment Consultant and there has been no looking back ever since. I had a chance to visit ACCES Employment for a workshop and found out about Career Edge from one of the counsellors there and appeared for the video interview first thing after coming home.

After registration and looking for a job for another three months, I got a call from a Career Edge associate offering me an internship and a one liner I would tell everyone about my emotions when I got to know that I got it “I am on top of the world”.  As a person who was scheduled to start an eight-week bridging program with one of the organizations, I got a job on the same day of the start date for the program, I could not have asked for more. Career Edge was god sent for me.

The chance to get a first-hand feel of the Canadian corporate culture is the best part I liked about this internship. The fact that I performed well and was able to get my contract extended within three months of joining, much before the scheduled end date and with a pay increase which had not even been asked for was the highest point of my career. Apart from that, Rogers gave me a platform to not only do well in recruitment but also be a part of a lot of networking and open house events, adding value to my resume and skills.

The impact of this internship was not only felt professionally but also impacted my financial and personal life. I was able to stabilize my finances and also was able to plan things better in my personal life.

I would encourage more and more applicants to go for this internship and would also encourage organizations to partner with Career Edge as it is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. As a recruiter myself, I can vouch for the talent that we have managed to attract from such partnerships.”


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Sun Life Financial: Zoe Rakotomanga

By | Employer, Success Story


Zoe Rakotomanga, Manager, Campus Recruiting, on intern Andrea Kedves

12 Days of Success

October | Mentor

“Andrea started working for Sun Life in July 2017 to support the campus recruiting team during our busy season. She was able to adapt well to the team and in no time was able to get things done quickly requiring very little guidance and supervision. After only a few weeks, she was already looking for better ways to get her work done. She still challenges the status quo daily and wants to ensure we are completing our work in the most efficient way. We received very positive feedback from her clients, thanking her for being always available and ready to help.

After her internship ended in December, we were happy to offer her a full-time position on our team. She continues to do excellent work, currently managing a few of her own projects and presenting some of her work to senior leaders. Her patience, energy and great attention to detail makes her a great asset! Our team is definitely lucky to have her!”


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