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Where Are They Now: Anitha Haridas

By | Alumni, Success Story

A love for chocolate instilled by her parents sent her on a journey filled with perseverance, promotion, and more love.

She learned how to knit from YouTube so she could send out resumés in small, yellow onesies. She thought creative application packages aligning with companies’ brands would generate return calls. She was right, but fate directed her elsewhere. Read More

success story

Success Story: Tahmina Naznen

By | Alumni, Success Story

“You’re more important than you think.”

That’s what a paid internship at LifeSpeak taught Tahmina Naznen.

Immigrating from Bangladesh, Tahmina arrived in Canada with a master’s in computer science and four years of experience. For six months, she struggled to secure permanent, meaningful work, losing confidence. Read More

Success Story: Maxim Sorokin

By | Alumni, Success Story

Maxim Sorokin immigrated to Canada with an MBA, four years of work experience, and a self-imposed deadline of finding work within four months. The bilingual candidate said he struggled in his new home, before learning he needed to “introduce himself to the world” to succeed. Read More


Success Story: Shaunelle Valley

By | Alumni, Success Story

“I’ve never even visited the country.”

Shaunelle Valley is quickly learning how to integrate into Canadian life. Her process began before her landing. With roots in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the U.K., the self-described “true newcomer” didn’t make plans to look for a job – she already had one. Read More

success story

Success Story: Chidinma Unigwe

By | Success Story

Her job is an extension of her identity.

“For me, a job is not just a job, it’s a reflection of who I am.”

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in Nigeria, also learning project management skills and gaining over nine years of experience in information technology. A business intelligence and enterprise resource planning professional “determined to always exceed set goals,” she carried analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Chidinma signed up for Career Edge’s paid internship program through Planning for Canada, a free pre-arrival service dedicated to helping families prepare for their new life in Canada. Planning for Canada advisor Ollie Zaydik said, “We encourage our clients to begin their Career Edge registration ahead of their landing in Canada as permanent residents. This opens up opportunities for them to engage with potential employers very early on and avoid the job search situation of getting lost in the shuffle despite their qualifications.”

Still searching for an identity, she applied to three openings through Career Edge – one working for the Ontario Public Service. Read More

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