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Read Suji’s story about not having the Canadian experience and how Career Edge helped him gain it.


Suji Satkunarajah

C# Programmer Analyst

Getting the first job as a new graduate is hard; almost every job requires some experience. If you’re a newcomer, you also need “the Canadian experience”. You can try networking, but your connections might say the same thing: you need some experience, or even some “Canadian experience”. This is where Career Edge plays a big role.

The program provides paid internships to new graduates, newcomers, and people with disabilities so they can get their first work experience or “ the Canadian experience”.

And that’s what the program did for me.

Following graduation, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. After spending a year on a failed startup, I knew I had to get some real-world experience. I started applying to postings, but like many graduates have gone through, I didn’t hear back from anyone.


When I registered with Career Edge, I didn’t really expect much either; I thought it was just another recruitment company like the many I’ve applied to in the past. But I still I applied to two postings through and I ended up getting hired by Career Edge as a C# Programmer Analyst!

While at Career Edge, I learned a lot about how the organization works. I discovered that we are not like other recruitment companies; Career Edge genuinely cares about the registrants, their employer partners, and going above and beyond to find the right opportunity for the candidate and the right candidate for the employer. Many of our employees are alumni of our programs, so we each understand the struggle each registrant is facing.

We work with registrants to help them succeed during the interview process, and when they do get that internship offer, it’s truly the greatest feeling – not just for the candidate, but for us too. That’s when we know that we truly made a difference in their life and there’s no better feeling than that.

And the program don’t just stop there. We ensure that each intern has a mentor or a coach who can guide them and help them develop the skills they need to grow in their career. We check on interns to ensure they are doing work they were hired to do and not just picking up coffee and lunch for other employees.

The dedication we have for our interns makes me proud to work for an organization like Career Edge.

Over the coming months, hear stories right from our very own staff about why Career Edge and the work that they do is so important to them.