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Does your organization or team lack a competitive edge?
Need someone disciplined and reliable, who can work in a fast-paced, pressure-filled environment with time management skills? Someone who can adapt on-the-fly and has experience managing teams through leadership and instructional experiences? A quick-thinker and quick-learner who can follow instructions and accept constructive criticism with a positive attitude? Someone who can seamlessly integrate into your organization or team to provide that competitive edge?

Project Manager David Calconi, C.D., has served as a Reservist for over 18 years. He recognizes the value they offer to employers.

“Hiring a Reservist is an investment for your team’s success. Reservists arrive on the job with a heightened sense of duty and loyalty – cornerstones of a dedicated employee. They serve their communities and their country while balancing a civilian job with just as much resolve. In the face of adversity, or on the brink of exhaustion, they’re trained to put the mission first while keeping morale high. In any situation, these qualities will give your organization an edge.”

There are approximately 26,000 Canadian Armed Forces Reservists serving our country. Almost 60 per cent of Reservists are part-time and non-deployed, and more than 40 per cent of them are aged 25 and under. They’ve been taught personal management skills and team skills. They are project leaders, people leaders, and self leaders. Many are university graduates who are well-suited for junior leadership positions in various industries such as: business, human resources, recruitment, customer service, and many other fields.

Andrés Lapeña
Private, Royal Regiment of Canada &
Career Edge Alumnus, RBC

In 2015, Career Edge launched the CAF Reservists’ Paid Internship Program. This ongoing initiative connects employers to Reservists seeking full-time career opportunities in their field of study, through paid internships to help guide the transition process of CAF Reservists into civilian roles.

Andrés Lapeña, a CAF Reservist, started a six-month internship as an Administrative Assistant for RBC more than a year ago. Following the completion of his internship, RBC hired Andrés as an analyst in their Know Your Client department.

“This was the exact role I was aiming for…the fact that it all came together is amazing.”

If you’re an employer interested in hiring a CAF Reservist, or a Reservist looking start a civilian career, sign up for Career Edge’s program today.