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With the COVID-19 global pandemic, many businesses’ recruitment goals have drastically changed overnight. Some organizations are working through significantly increased demand for their products and services. Others are shifting their business operations to help support other in-demand industries. And most have closed their stores and offices in favor of e-commerce and work-from-home arrangements, prioritizing and urging for digital transformation.

Presented with the challenge of addressing the emerging and urgent business needs, while following social distancing recommendations, having a seamless remote recruitment strategy is more important than ever.

So how do you do it?

In times of social distancing, embrace the video

Social distancing recommendations are in place, which means in-person interviews are out the door. With video interviewing, not only can you conduct remote interviews with your candidates, you can also utilize it earlier in your recruitment process to pre-screen applicants. By using pre-recorded interview questions, candidates can record their responses, allowing you to assess for potential fit before the interview stage.

Organize, organize, organize

With remote working, this may also mean remote on-boarding. Similar to in-person onboarding, remote onboarding should also set expectations for your new team members, as well as include clear goals and objectives. Take the time to ensure that your job processes are seamless and clear, and that the tools they need to use are available and functioning. Also, remember to introduce them to the rest of the team! Have a virtual welcome party and help create those work relationships.


It’s a stressful time for many, and for your new team members, it can be doubly so. Considering that they’re starting their new roles mostly independently, ensuring that you provide them with any support and guidance they may need is integral. Additionally, keeping lines of communication open, as well as accepting that their experience through the COVID-19 pandemic may be different than yours will also be important in supporting your new employees.

It can be difficult to keep business running during such turbulent and extraordinary times. But by working together, we can overcome this.

If you need help or extra support during these times – in IT, HR, Business Analysis, and Supply Chain, or other areas – Career Edge is available to help you in any way we can. Our paid internship model is built to support you through all your short-term needs, as soon as you need it. We can help you keep your business running seamlessly, while you offer valuable employment opportunities to skilled newcomer and new grad candidates. Get in touch today!