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January 2018

mental health awareness

Let’s Talk Mental Health: Candice Leung’s Story

By | General

When I was asked to write this blog post, I had no idea where to start. My mind went from being super excited, to being nervous and worried about writing the wrong thing, to not being sure as to what guidelines there were to follow. Were there any guidelines? How long did the article have to be? How many people would be reading this? How candid or professional did this have to be? What kind of implications could this have on my professional career? Would this article even be used for our blog? What a whirlwind of thoughts to have in 10 seconds but believe it or not, this is what my life is like every day. Read More


Conferences and Trade Shows

By | Jobseeker

If you frequent networking events often and plan to attend industry conferences and events, you’ll always want to make sure that you make a good impression. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your visit and experience: Read More

Success Story: Maxim Sorokin

By | Alumni, Success Story

Maxim Sorokin immigrated to Canada with an MBA, four years of work experience, and a self-imposed deadline of finding work within four months. The bilingual candidate said he struggled in his new home, before learning he needed to “introduce himself to the world” to succeed. Read More

more doors

How Many More Doors Will You Open?

By | Jobseeker

Immersed in every prolonged job search, are seemingly endless days.

And in between every grueling day, are breaks for reducing stress.

And during stress-reducing breaks, are a few mornings spent flipping through channels.

And during channel-flipping mornings, are a few minutes of “Let’s Make a Deal”.

If you can learn anything from the popular game show, or its brother and sister versions “Khullja Sim Sim” and “Trato Hecho”, it’s that there’s a prize behind every door.

Every contestant picks between doors and leaves with a prize, but your job search gives you better odds to choose the right prize. Unlike Let’s Make a Deal, your job search doesn’t force you to pick between two doors and their hidden prizes. Your job search holds infinite doors and reveals these prizes, but it’s your responsibility to open as many as possible, by applying for as many relevant jobs as possible. Read More

video interviews

Video Interviews

By | Jobseeker

In last week’s blog entry, we listed video interviews as one of 2018’s recruitment trends. If you’re in the majority, you dread video interviews (like how the average millennial dreads voice calls and prefers text messages). But video interviews aren’t an obstacle, they’re an opportunity.

By supplementing your application, you can showcase your personality and soft skills, and present a strong employer-employee fit to separate yourself from the majority and give yourself a better chance to join the minority – that exclusive shortlist of candidates who receive an invitation to meet in person.

Here are some things to consider before you complete your video interview: Read More

2018 recruitment trends

Recruitment Trends for 2018

By | Employer, General
“Hiring people is by far the most important thing companies do. When organizations hire the ‘wrong’ people, no amount of HR or management can fix the problem,” wrote Josh Bersin, founder and Principal at Bersin by Deloitte, in the HR Technology Disruptions for 2018 report.

In a candidate-driven era, as power continues to shift from employers and hiring personnel to employees and job seekers, the transformation in control will alter many intricacies in the complex world of recruitment. Read More

video interview

Video Interview Checklist

By | Interviewing

If you dread video interviews (like how the average millennial dreads voice calls and prefers text messages), think of them as opportunities, not obstacles.

Video interviews showcase your personality and soft skills. It’s your chance to separate yourself from the other applicants and join the shortlist of candidates who receive an in-person interview. Read More

How to Dress for Success

By | Interviewing

Dressing for an interview can be just as important as the experiences on your resume. Which is why today we’re covering the in-and-outs of dressing for success.

In the year of 2018, freedom of expression and self-expression through fashion is encouraged, but when it comes to interviewing, some guidelines can help you to get ahead.



Before talking outfits, we need to take a step back to the essentials. Hygiene. A well groomed and maintained hygiene can go a long way. A clean manner will leave a solid first impression before you are able to get a single word out.

Hygiene is also an essential and will leave a positive impression on your interviewers and may even give you a bit of an upper hand in a highly competitive job market. Not that you need to be a fashion stylist to land the job but this is your opportunity to be seen as a the chic, sophisticated, modern boss that you are.

Some Necessities

  • Maintained and well-groomed facial hair
  • Collared shirt (tucked in preferred)
  • Dress pants
  • Dress shoes


  • Blazer
  • Tie, tie clip

General Tips!

  • Dress for the weather! If it is extremely hot outside, then maybe ditch the blazer and opt out of a white shirt.
  • Iron your clothes, no one like a wrinkly candidate (It comes off as unprofessional and messy)
  • Take a shower to be fresh, but avoid heavy cologne because you interviewer may be allergic to scents
  • Take a notebook and pen for notes, and a copy of your resume and cover letter (just in case)
  • Do your research on the company norms (if everyone dresses casual everyday then it’s a bad idea to go in a full suit, opt for a business casual outfit.)

Some Necessities

  • Hair is clean and maintained neatly
  • Business casual statement dress (work appropriate)
  • Blazer paired with blouses/dress/button downs
  • Dress pants or skirts
  • Peep-toe shoes, flats, heels with moderate height
  • Classic black dress with tights/nylons


  • Light tasteful jewelry such as a watch, simple earrings
  • A clear lip-gloss to highlight your natural features

General Tips!

  • Avoid low cut tops, short dresses, see through clothing
  • Avoid excessive perfume and heavy scents
  • Avoid heavy distracting makeup and opt for a more natural soft look
  • Dress for the weather, throw an extra blazer in your bag if it gets chilly in the office where you are interviewing
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