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Join us at the Cannexus15 National Career Development Conference

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Career Edge is proud to be a Supporting Organization at the Cannexus15 National Career Development Conference, to be held at the Ottawa Convention Centre, from January 26 – 28, 2015.

As a Supporting Organization, our President, Naguib Gouda, will host a networking breakfast session where attendees will discuss paid versus unpaid internships.

At this Cannexus Connections session discussion questions will include:

  •       When are unpaid internships acceptable?
  •       What’s the difference between unpaid internships and volunteer work?
  •       Why do paid internships matter?

Cannexus15 Conference delegates will also be informed and inspired by three exceptional keynote speakers:

  • Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman, Navigator Ltd & Public Affairs Commentator
  •       Dr Nancy Arthur, Professor & Associate Dean Research, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary
  •       The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, 26th Governor General of Canada

In addition to the above, the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) will culminate their 10th anniversary celebrations at Cannexus15 with Spark!, a series of TEDx-style talks on diverse topics that will provide the “spark” for you to think differently about your work.

Ready to register? Click here to register as a Regular Member of Supporting Organization and select Career Edge from the list of Supporting Organizations for a 5% discount on registration. If you would like to learn more about the event visit

We look forward to seeing you there!

Career Buzz: “Get an edge on your career with Career Edge.”

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Career Edge was featured on Career Buzz, a radio show broadcast on CIUT 89.5 FM, on December 10. The show was hosted by Mark Franklin, President and Practice Leader at CareerCycles, a Toronto-based career management social enterprise. During the show, Mark interviewed Naguib Gouda, President of Career Edge and a staunch advocate for paid internships. Naguib was joined by Sydney Helland, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Career Edge, who launched her career through a Career Edge paid internship. During the show, both Naguib and Sydney shared their career stories and chatted about the socio-economic impact of paid internships and the benefits of Career Edge’s internship model.

If you are an employer looking to learn more about paid internships, or a job seeker aspiring to launch your career, play or download the radio episode by clicking here to hear how Career Edge’s paid internship programs can help.

Career Buzz radio show of Dec. 10, first broadcast on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto. Produced and hosted by Mark Franklin, president and practice leader of CareerCycles (

About Career Buzz: Career Buzz aims to inspire, educate and entertain listeners in the area of career satisfaction, how careers really happen, and what listeners might do to find more career happiness. If you believe that career happiness and having stories like yours heard is valuable, please consider supporting CIUT and Career Buzz during the twice annual membership campaign, which you can find out about by signing up for the Watch for Clues Newsletter on

Career Edge and the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) partner to help skilled newcomers join Canada’s workforce

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Career Edge and the NACC have joined forces to connect internationally qualified professionals (IQPs) with leading organizations to help re-launch careers in Canada.

The partnership’s pilot program, NACC Edge, is an alternative career pathway that aims to help IQPs find relevant work in their area of expertise by using their Canadian-obtained training and skills. After completing a training program at an NACC member career college, program graduates can re-launch their careers in Canada through Career Edge’s paid internships in related occupations.

The paid internship program focuses on opportunities in various sectors, such as information technology (IT), administration, and health care. Many IQPs join the program in order to enter regulated professions within these fields.  The NACC Edge program enables IQPs to continue working in their field while re-training to meet the needs of the job market.

The NACC and Career Edge share a common goal of helping create opportunities for IQPs, giving them a greater chance at finding professional success in Canada, whether through education and training programs or through career-related work experience.

“The NACC’s members are very excited to see this partnership come into effect,” said Serge Buy, NACC’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is one concrete step we can take toward reducing the challenges faced by IQPs when they seek to obtain work experiences in their fields.”

Canada’s labour force has experienced a growing number of underutilized workers who resort to accepting “survival jobs” to stay afloat when they are faced with a job market that seldom recognizes their international experience and accreditation. The NACC Edge program seeks to address this pressing issue by ensuring IQPs are integrated into Canada’s workforce, so that they are working to their full potential, while strengthening Canada’s globally competitive economy.

“We are very proud to partner with the NACC,” says Naguib Gouda, President of Career Edge. “Through this partnership, we’re giving more options to newcomers who are struggling to acquire Canadian work experience that aligns with their career goals,” he says.

NACC Edge is available across the country and is delivered by NACC’s Regional Coordinators in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto, and will be supported by staff at the NACC national office in Ottawa and Career Edge’s headquarters in Toronto.

Tips to help internationally qualified professionals re-launch their careers in Canada

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RE: “Internationally Trained Professionals – Should They Abandon Their Profession?” by Lee Koren (

Employment Consultant Lee Koren recently blogged about her experience helping internationally qualified professionals (IQPs) overcome the challenges faced when attempting to re-launch their careers in Canada.

Koren explains that while the government has made social programming available to support the settlement of new immigrants, employers’ behaviour, in terms of recognizing international (versus Canadian) work experience, remains a challenge – despite the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s policy on removing the “Canadian experience” barrier.

Too often, this barrier results in skilled immigrants taking “survival jobs” that are well below their level of education and experience acquired abroad. This is not only a huge setback for IQPs, but also for Canada’s economy.

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Report from FINA recommends the protection of intern rights

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The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) has released “Youth Employment in Canada: Challenges and Potential Solutions” – a report that summarizes the information gathered in relation to the Committee’s Youth Employment Study that was adopted on October 29, 2013.

As part of this study, the Committee held seven hearings in March and April of 2014; 38 groups or individuals made presentations to the Committee, and an additional 26 written briefs were received. Career Edge was privileged to have been included among those invited to appear as a witnesses, and to submit a brief with recommendations towards improving employment outcomes for Canada’s youth.

Career Edge’s brief that was presented to the Committee on April 8, 2014 included the following recommendation:

“That the government enact federal legislation to the Canada Labour Code that specifically outlines the conditions of internships across all of Canada’s provinces and territories. This will ensure fairness and the protection of young workers, while giving employers firm guidelines for incorporating internships and internship programs into their recruitment, retention, and succession planning initiatives.”

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Cultivating a sustainable future

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Career Edge Achievement Awards celebrate successes in socio-economic sustainability

For recent graduates and newcomers joining the Canadian workforce, finding meaningful work opportunities that align with their desired career path is a critical – albeit challenging – step towards becoming successful and prosperous members of Canada’s society and economy.

Recognizing the socio-economic significance of connecting the right talent with the right jobs, many organizations and individuals have demonstrated leadership and cultivated innovative employment solutions, allowing more people to make an investment in their career.

On June 5, Career Edge – a self-sustaining social enterprise – celebrated the achievements of those who have successfully launched or helped launch meaningful careers in Canada at its annual Achievement Awards ceremony.

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Open Letter RE: Ministry of Labour’s crackdown on unpaid internships

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As a staunch advocate for paid internships, Career Edge supports the Ministry of Labour’s crackdown on internships that violate the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) in Ontario.  We believe enforcement of the law is the right thing to do, in order to prevent exploitation of our youth and to protect workers’ rights.

In our opinion, the search for a resolution to the issue of unpaid internships will require the collaboration between the government, employers and our youth:

  1. The government needs to educate employers on the stipulations outlined in the ESA, while safeguarding young people’s rights and ensuring fair and equitable access to career-launching opportunities.
  2. Employers must be willing to invest in our future by ensuring young people receive the experience required to grow professionally and become tomorrow’s leaders.
  3. Young people have a responsibility to educate themselves on their rights and make informed decisions to invest in their career.

From our experience, we know that unpaid internships limit opportunities to a certain socio-economic class – only those who can afford to work without pay have the chance to gain experience in this way.  Paid internships, on the other hand, offer an inclusive and accessible way for young people to transition into the workforce and get the experience needed to launch their career, while being fairly compensated for their work.  With that in mind, we must find ways to make internships work for employers, while ensuring equity for young people entering the labour force.  We must also ensure interns have the opportunity to make a decent living and to get on the right track to a promising career – without restricting the number of opportunities available to them.

Career Edge has remained passionate about connecting recent graduates – including those with disabilities – and internationally qualified professionals with leading organizations for paid internships since 1996; not only because we know it is good business practice, but also because we know it works.  Over fifty five per cent (55.46%) of our interns are hired by their host employer during or immediately after their internship, with the majority of the rest finding work elsewhere within six months of completing their internship.  For this reason, we hope to continue helping the government, employers, and youth leverage internships that launch careers and support Ontario’s social and economic sustainability.


Naguib Gouda
Career Edge Organization

Career Edge opens its doors even wider to share internship opportunities

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Career Edge has taken a big step towards connecting more interns with leading organizations in Canada, by making our internship posting board public.

Previously, our internship posting board was only accessible through private user account logins. Now that we’ve gone public, however, any visitor to can quickly and easily check out all of the paid internship positions we currently have available.

For job seekers, searching for internships is now a breeze, and – with a single click – registered users can log in and apply to internships that match their career goals.

Employers will also benefit from added internship posting promotion. With an open posting board, jobs posted to Career Edge’s website are picked up by metasearch engines and aggregators, like The board and individual postings are also optimized for social sharing, making it a snap to “Like” on Facebook and LinkedIn, or tweet on Twitter.

open posting board blog image

So what are you waiting for? Check out our brand new public posting board now!