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CEO to present at Workforce One-Stop 2012

By April 4, 2012August 6th, 2019Uncategorized

At the end of this month, Donna Smith, Vice President of Career Edge Organization, will be leading a workshop at The Conference Board of Canada’s Workforce One-Stop 2012 conference, a rebranding of previous conferences focusing on workforce training and career development (most notably, the National Consultation on Career Development and Workforce Learning, aka NATCON).

At last year’s NATCON conference, we presented our second instalment of employer-targeted Gen Y research. Our myth-busting presentation identified what workplace culture actually means to Gen Y, the impact it has on grads’ career planning, and the kinds of research they do to seek and select their employers of choice.

Building on two successful years of research, we’re digging even deeper to explore Gen Y’s career goals and professional development plans, while also getting a better understanding of the types of resources, support and professional development opportunities employers can provide to retain and promote this tech-savvy cohort of twenty-somethings that are entering and changing the Canadian workforce.

Delegates of Workforce One-Stop 2012 will be the first to gain access to our hot-off-the-press research, which will ultimately equip employers with new insights on how to effectively harness the motivations of Gen Y workers. For more information about our workshop, other speakers, and registration, please visit the Workforce One-Stop 2012 website. We hope to see you there!