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CEO welcomes a new team member!

By November 10, 2009August 6th, 2019Uncategorized

We’ve heard it time and time again – an organization is only as good as its people. That’s what makes the work of an employer both exciting and challenging. Bringing a new employee onto your team can be like adding a new piece of furniture to your living room. It breathes new life into the room and changes the dynamics of how all the pieces fit together. Most importantly, it makes your space complete.

This is why everyone here is nothing short of stoked to welcome Heather Brown to the team – and don’t worry Heather, the furniture reference was just an analogy!

Heather will be filling the newly created role of ESL/FSL Applicant Screening Specialist, joining our team of ESL Screening Specialists – Ollie and Paula.

Our “screeners” interview candidates of our Career Bridge program for Internationally Qualified Professionals to ensure the highest standards within our talent database. As our pool of bilingual talent continues to expand, we recognized the need for a French language screener and brought Heather on board.

Heather’s background and experience as a language teacher and adult educator, her educational credentials in Applied Linguistics and Professional Communications at the masters-level and her fluency in both English and French make her the perfect addition to our team here at Career Edge Organization.

On top of that she’s got a great personality. Welcome Heather!